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Play FOnline
« on: April 18, 2014, 03:03:41 pm »
Play FOnline

Download: Play FOnline
Source code: or Source bundles
Requirements: Windows XP+ (Only fully tested on Windows 7 64-bit). Will probably not be possible to get it working under Mono due to the use of CSScriptLibrary (for C# scripts).

Play FOnline is a Launcher/Server browser inspired by Wipe's Status project. The idea was to build something useful which uses the data generated by FOnline status. Another goal was to experiment with how to build a modular application using external scripts and data sources instead of having a totally monolithic approach. My personal takeaway from it is: Don't overdo it :)

  • Overview of all currently tracked servers.
  • Ability to install, add and track the most popular FOnline games.
  • Get latency to servers via ping.

All the important data is available in - PlayFO uses this file to check if there are download scripts available or not and also the launch programs for the specific games (since things like names of OpenGL/Direct3D versions of exe differ and various config programs).

The application is built in C# with .NET 4.0 and a bunch of libraries. Mainly CSScriptLibrary and JSON.Net. Please note that there may be bugs. Also use this on your own risk! If you don't trust the install scripts, please review the code before running it. All the scripts can be viewed both in the /scripts directory locally and by checking where the corresponding scripts are available by reading (e.g.

Please note that this is by no means a bugproof program, so I'm sure there's a few corner cases I've not covered yet. Please report bugs directly on Github or in this thread, and consult the logfile for information about errors. I'm certainly accepting pull requests on Github if someone wants to submit fixes/features.


Why is there no install script for all games?
It requires time to write code and make sure it's working. Most important thing is a stable hosted install (hotlinked), preferably a zip archive, but rar works too. We're not going to host third-party games on, this will take too much of our time. If you can provide hosted .zip file with your game, it shouldn't take too long to make it work. Please check the current install scripts if you want to get an idea of how they work.

Do I need to use as a source?
Nope, just change the Url variables in settings.json and point them to your own server where you host compatible json files (probably generated by FOnline status). Granted there might not be much point in pointing it to a private repository... but whatever, the spirit of open source and all that jazz.

Is this the final version?
Probably, but that depends on how much interest there is. If there will be feedback and bugreports, maybe there will be some stuff worth implementing, but I doubt it :)
Anyway, nothing much lost, since I made this project for fun to try out a few things.
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Re: Play FOnline
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:O ! That is the thing I was dreaming of !


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Re: Play FOnline
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Definitely interesting if you play on multiple servers.

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Re: Play FOnline
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If you ask me, you couldn't pick up a better name ;D, great work!

Re: Play FOnline
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Great work maybe this will attract more curious players! This should've been released a long time ago  ;D

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Re: Play FOnline
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FOnline New Asylum ip is outdated.

Should be

ps. Great software!
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