FOnline gets two more tools: FOnline Status & Play FOnline

April 18, 2014, 04:23:28 pm

After a while the Rotators are back and proud to announce two new tools for the FOnline engine and related projects.

The first one is a small utility known as FOnline Status by Wipe, which functions not only as a FOnline servers monitor, but also as an extension for ServerBoy by Cpt.Rookie and Vaultman. Be sure to check out the official thread for more details about it!

It goes without saying that you should not omit the related, however already well-known project known as IRC Status (also by Wipe).
The reward for this heroic deed is this inverted RotGut:

And some more good news: Ghosthack has kept working on his Play FOnline utility, releasing the latest build for all of us, of course, accompanied with the source code. This small tool shall do all the hard work for you, checking the online servers and providing useful info abut them, all in one place. For such deed we declare the reward of one stimpak filled with the green matter:

Enjoy the tools!

Rotators signing out...

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FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix - dev video 1

January 06, 2014, 06:59:23 pm

Shangalar posted about the latest development status of FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix, inclusive video. See it below:

Hello everyone,

We've been pretty silent for some weeks, and the reason is that we worked hard on the game and unfortunately could not spend enough time on discussing about it. While the game is already playable, we're facing delays on some parts of the development, that now force us to push back a bit the beginning of the beta test in order to polish the game and improve the experience. We also have to perform some tests yet on the online server to ensure that it is in good condition for your arrival. We're a bit sad about this decision, but we believe it's for the best. We won't announce any new date for now as it depends on our progress and the availability of team members. That delay should hopefully be short, which means a few weeks.

Meanwhile, we'll do our maximum to show you more about it, for example through some videos. Here is a first one we made some time ago. It shows one of the factions' Headquarters and a little piece of Phoenix metropolis. There are a bunch of bugs visible on this video, bugs that we addressed already, but we think it's still interesting to watch:

(If you're wondering, the white line shows the effective range of your character, distance at which you have a maximal chance to hit with current weapon. The green line shows the line of sight. Both can of course be toggled off at any time, and so is it for the burst cone showed at some occasions during combats.)

We'll of course keep you informed of our progress as soon as we can, and we wish you a happy new year!

Dev Video 1
FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix Forum thread


FOnline2 Second Open Session starts 10.01.2014

January 02, 2014, 08:55:10 pm

A message directly from the FOnline 2 team:

We are happy to invite you to second open beta session of FOnline2 server.
Start is at 10.01.2014.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Enjoy many interesting features such as:
  • Exciting main quest storyline
  • Dungeons
  • Player driven shops
  • Player driven city
  • Buyable city houses
  • 3 full language versions: English, Russian and Polish
  • Randomly generated global events system
  • Advanced crafting system
  • Well balanced character creation system

And many, many others!
If you didn't hear about FOnline2 before, be sure to check out also our previous teaser promoting first game session.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Register on official game forum in order to get more information.
Download link to the client will be released at 08.01.2014 here:
Stay tuned !!!

If you can't wait to see the changes, check this thread for information about the currently running test server. You may also help the FOnline2 Team by reporting problems or talk about possible improvements. Happy hunting!

Official game forum
Client will be released here


Interview: The Tangut Prophecy

July 22, 2013, 07:12:53 pm

The Tangut Prophecy is a FOnline Engine based singleplayer role-playing game set in ancient China. The game looks very promising so far and CrazyLoon took the time to answer a few of our questions about it. Additionally, we got a bunch of new screenshots too!

What can you tell us about The Tangut Prophecy? How many people are working on the game and what's the current status?
The Tangut Prophecy is the game that I've been working on for the past almost 3 years. It is a FOnline based, historical fiction singleplayer RPG set in XII Century China. The game covers the small evenlope of peace time, about 40 years long, starting in 1167, between 3 historical Chinese nations: the Western Xia of the Tanguts, the Jin of the Jurchens, and the Song of the Hans. We seek to bring the harsh reality of medieval China, along with a focus on player choices and story telling, to the singleplayer experience. The game will be available for download, free of charge, when finished.


Will the game use a stats and skill system similar to Fallout 1/2 or are you going to change it from the bottom up?
It uses same system. The only change is that some attributes govern different aspects of your character than the original Fallouts. The attributes will weigh a lot more evenly in terms of importance.


Read the full interview over here and see the thread on our forum here.

The Tangut Prophecy Interview
Thread on


FOnline: Reloaded Announced

July 19, 2013, 12:09:09 pm

Fodev-User Kilgore has announced the development of FOnline: Reloaded. The game uses FOnline: 2238 as base and tries to improve it in almost every area.

The idea was to make 2238 less time-consuming, add some focus on factions and get rid of all "features" that made the game a bit boring. If you have any additional suggestions (especially those that can be made easily), feel free to share them. There must be a lot of things I forgot about.

*This is only a test that will last about two weeks. Also, this is running on our test server which might get quite laggy if crowded. I have no idea how many people it can take, so before you start whining about possible lags, please go get some fresh air. If there are enough people that are satisfied with changes, there will be an official launch on a dedicated hosting later after this test.*

Packed with a humongous, almost supermutant-sized changelog, you can find the Thread over here.

FOnline: Reloaded Forum Thread
FOnline: Reloaded Client Download

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