Desert Europe source released

August 15, 2015, 05:39:08 pm

After a long, long silence from the Desert Europe team, today the project has become open for anyone interested. Unlike the previous release, this one is an open repository containing all changes done by developers in past.

For people who don't exactly know what FODE is, or want to refresh their memory, take a look at the announcement thread here on FOdev.


Basic Development Tutorial for FOnline by Slowhand

August 10, 2015, 07:05:39 pm

Interested in making your own FOnline adventure, co-op slaver mission or a carnage MMO-server?

Now you can, thanks to our precious user Slowhand! His Basic Development Tutorial has grown beyond basic and can provide you with the finest step-by-step instructions how to make the FOnline engine do the basic and intermediate stuff for you. We hope this topic will keep growing and will include advanced stuff at some point as well.

The topic has been stickied, and all your questions and answers can be posted here. So my dear bluesuit, whatcha waiting for?


Reloaded source released [session #1]

May 07, 2015, 12:53:54 am

For anyone interested, the Source of FOnline: Reloaded has been released today, and contains all changes from day one up to 28.03.2015. The packages provided by the Reloaded team include everything required to run your own copy of the server, as well as additional tools which may become useful for people working on new content.

Make sure to check the official announcement thread for additional information. We're also glad to see another server with sources available for everyone, and hope to see more from other big servers in the future! ;)

Official announcement [requires registered account]
Part I [mirror]
Part II [mirror]


FOnline2 Third Open Session starts 25.10.2014

October 04, 2014, 04:35:46 pm

Yes, it is this time again: A wipe is uppon us. The third session of FOnline 2 is set to start at the 25th of this October, which makes it about 3 weeks from now on. A new trailer has been released as well, which you totally should check out if you are interested, or if you are not interested but want to get more interested in it:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Official game forum
Client will be released here


FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix launched

September 07, 2014, 12:11:10 pm

After more than a year spent in development of their FOnline based game, the No Name Yet Team has finally launched Ashes of Phoenix on Friday, September 5th. Here's a short excerpt about the game from the developer's website

FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix is a Fallout MMORPG based on the FOnline engine. It takes you to Phoenix, Arizona, around 2220.

The city miraculously avoided its global destruction during the Great War of 2077, and a well preserved part of its center remained almost completely unnoticed for almost 150 years. Eventually, a rumor speaking of plentiful resources and intact buildings has been spread into the Wasteland. Independent organizations showed up, preparing themselves for an unavoidable conflict with each other, while stronger forces remain hidden, waiting for the situation to evolve and give them the opportunity to achieve their objectives.

You are a Wastelander, coming to Phoenix for food and adventure. Fortunately, factions there are happily accepting extra manpower in their ranks. Make your choice, and join the battle for the city.

Ashes of Phoenix is a PvP oriented game. It encourages players towards cooperation as well as competition. Recently arrived in Arizona, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a faction composed both of Wasteland characters and other players. In its ranks, you will make your way, explore the Wastes, gather resources, craft gear, barter precious items, gain experience and weapon mastery. Then, you’ll be able to gather with your mates, create new active cells into your faction, explore the city and its undergrounds, face terrifying creatures, control resources, use your sense of diplomacy with other factions and defeat your enemies to become the unique master of Phoenix.

If you never heard about Ashes of Phoenix before, want a quick reminder about the game, or just have a few minutes before the download bar crawls to its finish line, take a look at the videos cinématique extraordinaire prepared by No Name Yet Team shortly before the launch.

Developers Video #1
Developers Diary #1
Developers Diary #2
Developers Diary #3

If that's still not enough, there's also a bit longer version, which was streamed a few days ago by Cirn0:

Developers Stream (30.08.2014)

But there's a lot more than just the video recordings.
For people who prefer writings over cinematography, Ashes of Phoenix Wiki is filled with information about the actual game mechanics, unique features, items statistics and much more. Not to mention the official forum where you can find further answers to your questions, concrete advices and compare the AoP with other FOnline games for differences.

We also recommend to take a look at our small PlayFOnline launcher/installer utility, which may help you starting AoP while, at the same time, it provides you with a nice overview of the complete family of FOnline-based games. Additionally, for all your value crunching needs we have the server statistics up and running again, this time including AoP as well.