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May 15, 2020, 06:35:02 pm

Let's hope we can defeat the bots this time.


FOnline Engine - Patreon page

May 07, 2020, 04:58:35 pm

Heads up, everyone! The FOnline engine has its own Patreon page now. This is not about any specific project, but the engine itself, so if you are supporting it, you're not just supporting a single server, but the one thing that keeps the community and everything running!

That being said, of course the engine will remain free, and free to use for everyone - The sources have been released a while ago, are available on Git, and nothing will change about that.

Check it out, maybe subscribe to it, help a hand in need, because that's what the cool kids do.


FOnline on Patreon
FOnline on GitHub


Fallout 2 - Fallout et tu v1.0 released

February 15, 2020, 09:59:52 am

About two weeks too late to the party - I blame the (lack of) alcohol.

The latest Rotators project (in the works since roughly June 2019, so pretty much a quick-shot) has been released in version 1.0!
FALLOUT ET TU allows you to play the classic Fallout 1 in the engine of Fallout 2 with all its added features: enhanced companion controls, general interface improvements, and of course the easier modding which now allow us to do almost anything to the game, thanks to state-of-the-art Sfall engine hacks.



    Information and screenshots
    Download: Latest Release Package
    Source: Repository
    Discord: NMA #modding
    NMA Forum



October 27, 2018, 07:33:12 pm

Remember, remember!
The fifteenth of September,
The commit we know a lot;
I know of no reason
Why four-one-two revision
Should ever be forgot!


As some of the FOnline fans around here have already been aware, the Rotators team started working on one of the older SDK versions, with aim to improve and stabilize it for long-running servers.

According to our own experience, and those of other developers, drastic engine changes - being often more than required and also great in terms of features - have been added too quickly in the past. This left long-running servers lagging behind, unable to adapt and update, and up to this day stuck in the middle of nowhere. In most cases, the line has been drawn at revision 412 and there's hardly a FOnline server developer left for whom this version doesn't ring a bell.

This version is the starting point for our project, currently known as FOClassic.

This is for the second time that Rotators attempt to improve FOnline by introducing their own changes.

For the record, the first attempt at this was our FOnline: 2238 server, which was originally based on FOnline: The Life After content.
It didn't end quite as planned, but it was still an achievement that paved the way for other developers, allowing them to create or improve their vision of the Fallout universe - or at least a part of it.

Today, instead of forcing our own vision of that universe, we - Rotators - want to continue helping the server developers by providing them with tools, rather than a product.
Comparing the current situation to the times when we were working on FOnline: 2238, now we have much more freedom in regard to introducing engine changes. Our aim is to revive some old, dusty features and engine parts and also to eliminate certain problems and limitations that have been hindering the implementation of various new, fresh features on FOnline servers out there.

Let's hope that our third attempt at revolutionizing the engine will be based on equal rights among all developers, allowing all of us to improve it as we see fit.


Obviously, the decision about migration from FOnline to FOClassic, and how that process should look like, is completely up to server developers, but we'd like to say a few words before you start. If you're an active player thinking about posting suggestion on your favorite server(s) forum, you should read this as well.


Here's a quick list of things which should be done for a (hopefully) flawless migration.

"OK, done. Now what?"
First of all, we'd like to see servers extensions cleaned up. Any changes made to FOnline.h should be either ported to FOclassic.h or added to scripts.
In most cases extensions are needed only to extract/modify raw values from non-public part of a given object. While the implementation itself is often located within extension, it could be as well done in scripts, if they had access to it - and not all servers are aware of the possibilities provided by asIScriptEngine.

We'll try to sort it out, following the philosophy that if there is a single one server that needs it, the others might benefit from it as well.
Which means that we're going ask servers for their extensions code - either fully or parts required. If you decide to send it to FOClassic team, be completely aware we might archive it in public repository, making it available for anyone.

This rule exists for a few reasons:
During migration process we're not planning to change objects structure. If server-specific feature requires member(s) "hidden" deep inside non-public part of an object (CritterCl::strTextOnHead, Item::Alpha, etc.), we'd rather make a proper script function, than do it in an extensions header. Once the migration is complete, the code can be re-added to FOClassic.h, if there's still need for that.





August 09, 2017, 03:42:41 pm

So, it's long time overdue and I've finally enabled HTTPS using Let's Encrypt for

There's still a few places which has mixed content, meaning some resources come from http and thus will generate warnings in the browser. I'll try to fix those instances where possible.

If you see something that's broken because of this, please give us a notice.