August 09, 2017, 03:42:41 pm

So, it's long time overdue and I've finally enabled HTTPS using Let's Encrypt for

There's still a few places which has mixed content, meaning some resources come from http and thus will generate warnings in the browser. I'll try to fix those instances where possible.

If you see something that's broken because of this, please give us a notice.


Still alive

March 16, 2017, 08:42:26 pm

I know there's sadly not much going on here and the last update was almost a year ago, time really flies, but I'll point out some recent changes and news anyway.
I've personally been very busy with work and stuff (excuses, I know!) so I haven't had time to do some much needed maintenance of the status page, until now.

I'm also thinking of updating the Play FOnline launcher, to make it possible to download, install and play all the current servers. Would also appreciate any feedback about it, if you are using it or have used it in the past.

Ok, let's cut to the chase, here's some updates:

Status page

The status page has been updated with the following things:
- Added Battlegrounds.
- Modified the entry for FOnline Forever to new host and marked it as open. Make sure you check it out!
- Marked Teleport and Goon Haven as closed. If this is not correct and they have changed IP/port, I'd like to know.

If you have more suggestions for the status page, please reach out to me or reply to this thread and I'll make sure to add/correct stuff.


FOnline Forever
Forever was started by Ravenis and in his own words it started as a basic modification of the released 2238 sources, almost 3 years ago:

Hello :)
Yes, I know there is couple very advanced mods based on 2238 source, but I decided to start making not so modified mod.
Since you all need to admit ol' good 2238 was fun until it lasted.

So I'm starting new server. It's basicly default FO 2238 at the beginning.
Some minor changes are done already, and future plans includes example these things:

-Craftable skill implants, example head implant that rises your Small Guns skill by 10%. (implants have "tier" levels, so tier 1 is +10% and tier 2 is 20% and so on...)
-More craftable items with some special features. (About these items we can talk at the IRC channel)
-More missions/quests. (Always nice to have more solo material too)

I'm sure there's been a lot of progress since then, I haven't personally tried it but if you've missed it I suggest you check it out!
It received a large updated just a week ago.


FOnline: After Times
FOnline: After Times is a new game based on the reloaded sources. They are still working hard on finalizing the game and making it ready for prime time.
Accordingly to their website, they will be releasing on 25th of march, so make sure you don't miss the date!

We are bringing to you the new FOnline game based on the 2nd season of FOnline: Reloaded source. But don't expect there the same game. It will come with some new features, fixes and adjustments.
We will start without previous closed or open tests.
More info here:

Got any projects you want highlighted? Visit the FOnline projects board and give us an update.


FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix - Server Wipe Today

April 29, 2016, 05:35:05 pm

It is thee wipe-tyme upon us once more. This time, the server apocalypse is carving for NoNameYetTeam's FOnline - Ashes of Phoenix. Many changes were done over the past one and a half year, so if you feel the mood, download the latest client and dive into the trouble. You might as well meet one or two of them old Rotators. Or maybe not. It's classified.

If you are not yet in the mood, you might want to get ready with watching some of the gems posted over here in our forum.

Also, here is a trailer to fill up this news post:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Followed by the obligatory link list:

AoP Forum - news thread
Client Download - Mega - Google Drive - DropBox
Session 1 summary - Changelog and Additions


Desert Europe source released

August 15, 2015, 05:39:08 pm

After a long, long silence from the Desert Europe team, today the project has become open for anyone interested. Unlike the previous release, this one is an open repository containing all changes done by developers in past.

For people who don't exactly know what FODE is, or want to refresh their memory, take a look at the announcement thread here on FOdev.


Basic Development Tutorial for FOnline by Slowhand

August 10, 2015, 07:05:39 pm

Interested in making your own FOnline adventure, co-op slaver mission or a carnage MMO-server?

Now you can, thanks to our precious user Slowhand! His Basic Development Tutorial has grown beyond basic and can provide you with the finest step-by-step instructions how to make the FOnline engine do the basic and intermediate stuff for you. We hope this topic will keep growing and will include advanced stuff at some point as well.

The topic has been stickied, and all your questions and answers can be posted here. So my dear bluesuit, whatcha waiting for?