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General Discussion / Re: 100 years plan - Call to keyboards.
« Last post by Slowhand on October 12, 2020, 07:38:02 pm » - I use this repo to publish stuff that I managed to implement.

Here is a demo of features:

Quest tracker with Pip-boy update - Done, the only thing left to do, maybe, is if a quest has a timer, to add it to pip-boy.

Message Box - updated to a level where players can filter text with Message Tabs, allowing them to show only Faction chat for example. (Faction chat has been added) There are options to show/hide timestamps, show/hide the chat tabs.
Still need to be done: Separate from action bar (weapon/AP etc), Move, Resize, Direct Messages, Global message (players need ignore list first), Chat Tab blinking notification on chat tab if new Faction chat or Direct Message happened while other chat tab active.

Global chat vs Radio 0:

There are several problems with Radio 0 being the global chat, the biggest one is that new players would feel the world to be totally empty, as they don't even know about the Radio system. The second biggest one is player identification, if you use a radio channel with your friends to communicate, you'll have to type your name before every line if you are more than 2 of you. Also a problem of Radio 0, for trolls that is a feature ofc. It simply doesn't work, just people just used personal discord/TS even for text.
For Direct Messages and even Global Chat to work, one needs to be able to keep an ignore list, just in case of spammers, which is not the case in Radio 0, where one can just turn it off.

Item Highlighter - Press W to toggle, it will show items on ground and some harvestable tree's or old computers. Mostly so community doesn't need to resort to interface hacks while cave hunting. It was also useful to show hidden bugs in maps.

Modern Mouse behaviour - Right click move, Q = mouse default, A = attack, M = move. Ctrl + F1 change back to legacy mouse.

Text font change while in game - Pip-boy, Message Box, Dialogs and even Fix-boy, support font increase/decrease with Ctrl + MWheelup/down.

Jinxed Jack interface - an old interface named JJ was reworked to replace the legacy interface. It was modified to support features above.

Fix-boy - small update on coloring, orange means that you have the mats, but need either tools or workbench. It will also show a number, which is the total you could craft with the mats you have.

Inventory Tracker - a cool feature, but fully bugged atm and can be turned off with Ctrl + I. Sometimes its useful though. Todo: fix bugs.
1.5 FOClassic - Brave New World update (some modifications I made and shared)

  • Source/Content:
    • FOClassic and PReloaded - source is based on the two repos above. If you had trouble setting them up and working together, you can use this version with some tweaks and a starting proper location. Check installation section for instructions.
    • Lander's Point - this is the tutorial zone from Reloaded S3. Kilgore from the FOnline: Reloaded team shared and allowed me to use this gem, providing I do some updates to it. Improving of this zone is a work in progress... I did more generic changes but plan to improve this zone as well.
    • I think I added half of Hub from Reloaded S2, but I didn't finish it, no other content is available from previous public FOnline iterations.
  • Feature list:
    • Jinxed Jack interface - this interface was created for Reloaded years ago by Stanislaw Bieniek and I have updated it to work on Reloaded and ofc on FOClassic/PReloaded as well.
    • Item highlighter - is a new feature that will show a yellow outline for items on ground and some of the harvestable resources, making cave searching easier and community made interface hacks obsolete.
      • Press W for toggle.
      • TODO: Pressing W while on login or registration screen will toggle this behaviour, so new players could log in with it enabled, which is not desired. Add a fix to this.
    • Quest notifier - quest progress will visualize on the screen as a big tab on the left side. Different colors are used depending if quest has been started, failed, completed or repeatable.
      • The Pip-boy messages will be used, as defined in the /Server/text/engl/FOQUEST.MSG file, lines starting with the following will be processed as:
        • Quest start (header):
          • Story - main quest line, colored orange, prefixed with STORY.
          • Job - repeatable tasks, colored yellow, prefixed with JOB.
          • Quest (default) - not repeatable side quest, colored sand, prefixed with QUEST also if there is no prefix, this is the default for backwards compatibility.
        • Quest progress (message):
          • Done (default) - when the quest is done and player can return for the reward, colored light green, prefixed with DONE.
          • Soft failed - repeatable quest failed, but player can try it again later, colored dark orange, prefixed with SOFT_FAILED.
          • Hard failed - quest failed and player cannot try again, colored red, prefixed with HARD_FAILED.
          • Repeatable finished - repeatable quest finished and player may do this quest at a later time, colored blue, prefixed with SOFT_COMPLETED.
          • Finished - non repeatable quest finished, colored dark green, prefixed with HARD_COMPLETED.
      • TODO: Move quest coloring to ini/cfg file to make it configurable, atm you can change colors in the /PReloaded/Server/scripts/client_questTracker.fos script file.
      • TODO: When player relogs, the last quest progress will pop up. This may not be desired, to be suppressed.
    • Inventory tracker - items gained will pop up on the right side of the screen, notifying the players if they gain or loose items.
      • There are some minor visual bugs, that I couldn't fix, for example when split dropping something the amount will not be shown.
      • It has a major bug however, that after reload or shooting it will show the update of the active gun.
      • TODO: Make it configurable via ini/cfg files and later on the fly in game.
      • TODO: When dropping via split, replace '?' with 'some'.
    • Right click move combat crosshair - mouse behaviour is updated to modern standards:
      • Ctrl + F1 - toggle legacy mouse behaviour. (Bug: you have to press F1 again, because the help screen would pop up)
      • In all cases - except legacy mode - left click will perform selected action, while right click will move to location. While in attack/default mode, moving with right click will show the hex distance and the location the move command was issued. This is for convenience and better look and feel.
      • Q - set crosshair to default interact mode, left click with interact/look, right click will move to location.
      • A - set crosshair to attack mode as before, left click with attack, right click will move to location.
      • M - set crosshair to move mode, both left click and right click will move to location.
      • TODO: Minor - Add a click 'animation' to right click or move mode for look and feel. Atm the indication that the mouse pressed was registered is that the character will try to move toward location.
    • Hard coded default hotkeys changes - keys that are not vital during game play have been moved to less reachable keys, away from WASD keys.
      • Q now sets mouse mode to default interaction mode (the line of sight range outline has been moved to [)
      • W now toggles item highlighter (the weapon range outline has been moved to ])
      • S is now free and later should be used to 'stop' current action/animation (the skills panel has been moved to Y)
      • F is now free (the fix-boy panel has been moved to U)
      • M now sets mouse mode to move (old behaviour preserved in legacy mode only)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Click through fix-boy bug: Fixed a bug where you could click through fix-boy and register it as a move or interaction command, making your character move instead of select which item to craft.
  • Todo:
    • Cleanup - there are some unwanted debug messages, logs that need to be cleaned up.
    • Release branch - currently the master branch is being used as dev and many of the feature changes have cross commits that make it harder to introduce to other repos one by one. Need to add a clean release branch that includes features or bug fixes in one separate commit only.
  • Installation:
    • To integrate to your own repo, you must check the change lists and import the code manually.
    • To just try it out you can:
      • Download the as a zip file from
      • Due to some git phenomenon the, and files need to be downloaded separately as a zip and added to the respective location: /PReloaded/Client/data/
      • As usual, the fallout.dat file is not included, so you need to download that from any other game client or use the fallout data files from original Fallout installation.
      • As usual, delete cache - contents of the /PReloaded/Client/data/cache/ folder.

Share Your Work / We collect FOClassic using a virtual machine WIN7x86
« Last post by appath on August 23, 2020, 04:58:14 pm »
All good friends.
This is a completely new person.
If someone wants to build but it doesn't work out, today I will explain how to build a foclassic.

And also something that I myself do not know English well from Russia (as I can and I degenerate)

Let's start small.
You will need to install it yourself Windows exactly on a virtual machine!
Why are you probably wondering (this is for little people who are just starting to learn development)

There will be a list of packages that you need to install:

- Virtual Machine
  VMware Workstation Pro it is paid unfortunately, but you can download a free VirtualBox
- Disk or image from the net (Windows 7 Pro N) or just without letters N
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (version 4.0.30319.1)
- PortableGit (version 2.28.0-32)
- CMake (version 3.14.2)
- Visual Studio 2010 Professional (version 10.0.30319.1)
- Visual Studio 2010 SP1 C++ Compiler (version 10.0.40219.303)
- Notepad++

First step:
We create a virtual machine, name it whatever you like and install (Windows 7 Pro N)
After that, we make a snapshot of the system so that if something goes wrong, you can roll back the
system to a readable basis.

Second stage:
Download all packages from city and install them on a virtual machine in the system (Windows 7 Pro N)

Stage three:
Register environment variables in the system (PATH (git, cmake and vs 2010))

Stage four:
It is necessary to create a folder where all actions will take place at the computer. and server builds
For example, this will be the way (C:\Users\WIN7\Downloads)

CMD Command Prompt:
Launching Command Prompt go to the specified path
Code: [Select]
cd C:\Users\WIN7\Downloads
mkdir SDK.VS2010
create a folder, for example, I will name it (SDK.VS2010)

Now we need to clone the repository (to the specified folder that you created)
Code: [Select]
git clone --recursive SDK.VS2010
After we go to the folder (SDK.VS2010)
Code: [Select]
cd SDK.VS2010
If we run the batch file right now through CMD then we get an error
Code: [Select]
She will be like this
Code: [Select]
CMake Error at CmakeLists.txt:5 (project):
        Visual Studio 15 2017
    cloud not find any instance of Visual Studio.

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

Let's get around this error
Run Notepad++ and open the file with the extension along this path (C:\Users\WIN7\Downloads\SDK.VS2010\Build.cmake)

We need to find these lines and read them
Code: [Select]
elseif( WIN32 )
set( BUILD_FILE      "FOC.sln" )
set( BUILD_GENERATOR "Visual Studio 10 2010" )
set( BUILD_GENERATOR "Visual Studio 15 2017" )
set( BUILD_TOOL      "v100" )

Editing what will be appropriate for us
Code: [Select]
elseif( WIN32 )
set( BUILD_FILE      "FOC.sln" )
set( BUILD_GENERATOR "Visual Studio 10 2010" )
set( BUILD_GENERATOR "Visual Studio 10 2010" )

I will not invent some kind of bicycles there simply by the rules and that's all
After changing, save the file (Build.cmake)

Again we will try again to demolish everything in a heap
In the open CMD Command Prompt run the corrected batch file
Code: [Select]
Now everything is as we need it. The process started. Waiting for the end.
Got an exhaust will (you did it)
Now just click on the file in the (C:\Users\WIN7\Downloads\SDK.VS2010 (Pack.cmd)) folder and
everything will fly into the archive *.zip (

That's all.
Moving the archive packed with the extension *.zip ( on the main iron and do whatever your heart desires with it.

If you need a video document, write at the bottom and I'll attach it here.
Share Your Work / Re: Expanded Map
« Last post by Ictiv on July 23, 2020, 06:45:17 pm »
To be fair, it might have been the right call.

It's a pain in the ass to find a map that actually shares projection with the Fallout 1-2 maps, since it's one of the few projections that actually has both the northern and southern border appear straight, and generally maps with useful information bend along with the globe.

A ton of the roads and railroads I added in by hand after consulting Google Maps since they wouldn't show up on the maps of the correct projections.

That being said, since there's roughly 130 years of divergence between Fallout's split and the Great War, I think the places you put the railroads are perfectly fine. I'm sticking so much to the real world because while running the GURPS game it's neat to sometimes just open up google maps, jump into Street View on whatever highway/road the party is planning to travel on next few sessions, and find interesting locations I can turn into mini-encounters, locations of ambushes, etc. For all intents and purposes, the U.S. could have revamped half its infrastructure by 2077, especially with how the fuel industry collapsed.
Share Your Work / Re: Expanded Map
« Last post by Lexx on July 23, 2020, 08:49:45 am »
PS: I feel kinda stupid for not basing our ingame railway on the real life railroads. No fucking clue why I wasn't thinking about this.
Share Your Work / Re: Expanded Map
« Last post by Ictiv on July 22, 2020, 07:50:54 pm »
Ah, thank you very much for the permission and the clarification!
Share Your Work / Re: Expanded Map
« Last post by Lexx on July 22, 2020, 12:01:43 pm »
I made the original Fo1+Fo2 map back in the days. You can use, modify, and release it in whatever way you want to.
Share Your Work / Expanded Map
« Last post by Ictiv on July 20, 2020, 04:28:32 pm »

Initially, I joined here trying to get in contact with the dev team in interest of asking permission to share an edited version of their excellent expanded map I've been using for a GURPS based Fallout game I've been running for some time now, as I thought it might be useful for others that might want to do something similar.

However, when I saw that people before have shared similarly edited versions of their maps here, I thought I might as well put it up here. Since the game is still ongoing, if anyone has any input on it, feel free to tell me. ("You fool! That's not even close to the shape of the Rocky Mountains!" is welcome, I've been struggling to find proper geographical, road and train maps that share projection with classic fallout)

On a final note, in case someone on the dev team sees this, I'd like to ask two quick questions:
1) Would you mind if I shared this map elsewhere?
2) If I shared it, who should I give credit to? Based on the fact that DocAn uploaded it initially to the wiki, I'm assuming they've done the great work merging the maps initially, but I could be wrong.

EDIT: Lexx clarified this, and was the original creator of the mergers.

Hypocritical double final note: In case anyone wants it and the devs don't mind, I could also share the GIMP file that has the full project in it as I'm expanding the map/touching it up over time, though I'd have to do it over a file sharing site given its size.

The base map. Its limits are the Northern border of California, the Southern border of Arizona, the Eastern border of Colorado, and finally the western shoreline.

Extra info for the basic map. This one includes major Pre-War roads (Green) and Railways (Red), both based on real life road maps and railways.

Faction map, as of Febuary 2162 in my campaign. It wouldn't mean much to anyone outside of the game, but I had it, so thought I might as well share it.

Snapshot of the full project. Not pictured are overlays for railroads, topography, highways, etc.
Share Your Work / FOnline client configurator .NET C# project
« Last post by Yaroslav on June 26, 2020, 05:23:12 pm »
FOnline client configurator .NET. Made in 2010, so the code a terrible. But as an example, it may well come in handy.

I'm glad I helped you. I will be for what you need. You should still know that there is a superior version, the last one, but I still can't compile it. When I know I will publish it. Regards.
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