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News and Announcements / Beautiful Womans in your city - Verified Women
« Last post by Timray1971 on Yesterday at 07:51:38 am »
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Share Your Work / [Mapper scripts] Entity Switcher and Input Visualizer
« Last post by Slowhand on April 17, 2024, 01:46:52 pm »
I have added 2 worthy to check out tools to the mapper scripts, in the BNW project.

Entity Switcher - see Issue #94 of the FOclassic:BNW repo.

Ability to swap walls or other entities, by selecting and clicking Ctrl + Mouse Wheel. One can easily make an old vault a new one, or make an outdoor map change the wall theme. There are some interior entities added as well, so in the case of vaults, when switching from new to old, the computers would be switched to the destroyed ones, etc.
Everything is not perfect, because missing assets or displacements. For the displacement one can specify corrections on X/Y hex, but this does not always solve issue, that are because some doorway are larger in one theme than the other.

For guide best is to see the description at Issue #94. For feature showcase check this feature video .

Input Visualizer - see Issue #97 of the FOclassic:BNW repo.

This is a lightweight tool to visualize what keys have been pressed, in case someone is streaming how they are mapping or trying to teach newbies.
Another feature it has, is that it would show the protoID and mapper tab location of the selected item below the obj interface. Alternatively Ctrl + 1 can be pressed several times to jump to that mapper tab, unfortunately this is not perfect, due to engine bugs.
Lastly it has a command to find objects that are not added to the mapper tabs, this will be listed in the mapper log file for easier copy paste of proto values. It will also who on screen if no missing entities found.
Share Your Work / Maps - Cave Template Pack FOClassic/S2/2238 compatible
« Last post by Slowhand on March 28, 2024, 11:26:57 pm »
In order to mass create cave maps for an upcoming module of mine, I made template maps for caves. It can be found in the public repo of FOClassic - Brave New World here:

Tutorial video or 'Music to a FO mappers ears' challenge - aka make a 1920x1080 compatible map before a song runs out, here:

Just load most maps that start with template_cave_ into mapper, then load ~template_cave_L for a large blank map, and go from there as shown above. GL, HF.

The FOClassic: BNW also contains a minor mapper plugin, that shows which key combinations are pressed for people who want to stream or make video tutorials, name is Input Visualizer, you might add that to your version if you like, check issue #97 at the repo for change list.

There is an upcoming cave map-pack as well, named Sierra Caves, it's not ready yet, but those who need ready cave maps urgently may check any maps in the repo starting with that name.
Share Your Work / Re: FOnline-JSON
« Last post by JovankaB on February 05, 2024, 01:48:37 pm »
Anyone have an idea how to get it to work?

There are other JSON parsers for AngelScript.
Share Your Work / fofrm_player
« Last post by APA MK2 on January 02, 2024, 03:38:17 pm »
Simple as fuck SDL player for .fofrm files, plays .fofrm and that's it.

Controls & usage:
Associate .exe with .fofrm files or drag&drop file onto it, also you can type "fofrm_player.exe [path_to_fofrm]" in cmd.

Left/Right arrows - change frame to previous/next.
Space - pause animation.
Mousewheel Up/Down - change zoom/window size.

Bugs & specificies:
Program can't open files if you type something like "fofrm_player.exe test.fofrm" into cmd, fixed in v0.2.1.
Program can't open more than 60 frames, fixed in v0.3.1.
Don't try to open anything that has cyrillic path.
Source code: (if someone's really wanna see this shit)
Questions and Answers / Re: Starting location
« Last post by 1ookg on November 10, 2023, 08:41:50 pm »
I realized for sure that this is changing in the intro_main script.
But the variables are not quite clear and I would like to delete everything altogether and make my own locations, but I don't understand how to do it. There is little information on the server on these points, it is somehow useless (
Questions and Answers / Re: Starting location
« Last post by remake on November 10, 2023, 07:02:44 pm »
I don't know which SDK you have but try look to SetStartLocation function. :)
Questions and Answers / Starting location
« Last post by 1ookg on November 08, 2023, 09:48:14 pm »
I searched on the forum, but I didn't find it (
1) How and where can I change the starting location?
2) How can I make the transition to the next locations at this location?
Questions and Answers / Re: another silly question
« Last post by Medvedev(Req) on October 15, 2023, 05:43:55 pm »
There is now silly questions. just silly people. We are not, are we?

You should mark all the npc as belonging to your event. I usualy use NPC_ROLE parameter for that trick, or some secret buff. After event ends - by timer or by running some script - there should be runned cleaning function, that get all of the npc and delete those, who have your mark.
Questions and Answers / Re: FOclassic FOClient::SScriptFunc
« Last post by Medvedev(Req) on October 15, 2023, 04:46:14 pm »
Resolved it.

If it will be useful to someone: the problem was that client functions need to be declared in dummyData.h - otherwise the server's compiler will not know about their existence. The dummyData library must be compiled before the server, and you need to make sure that the final lib file  gets into the source folder for the server solution.

So, the procedure is as follows:
1. Writing a new function in client.cpp
2. Declare in client.h
3. Bind in ScriptBind.cpp (required in the block #if defined (BIND_DUMMY) || defined (BIND_CLIENT))
4. Additionally declare in dummyData.h
5. Clean and rebuild all the solutions of the project.
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