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General Discussion / Re: Time for a change.
« Last post by Dagnir on February 14, 2023, 12:15:08 am »
Look at the number of players on the servers. Around 100 on all of them combined. Most stick to the same server. Do you want to spend years creating something that maybe 20-30 people will enjoy? Yeah, I didn't think so.
Overall, the game was already doomed back in 2009 when we've split into TLA and 2238. For a stupid reason of the primary developers of TLA not speaking good English. Hardcore enthusiasts who can do development in their spare time are hard to find, and by splitting them into two (later - many more) teams we've made the development unsustainable.
Share Your Work / Font - FOnline Classic Dialog Regular
« Last post by Slowhand on January 25, 2023, 01:22:03 pm »
I have recreated the original Fallout font that is used in the dialog and extended for most European and Cyrillic alphabets, chess and card suit symbols. (While most of the glyph have been made by me from scratch, the later were copied and transformed from various svg image sources on the internet.)

There are 2 versions, the regular is more complete, resembles the original font less at 10 pixels size, but more relaxing to use at higher resolutions, while the bold is mostly incomplete having only the Latin alphabet but at low resolution resembles the original font more.

The project can be tracked here: fallout-classic-dialog-font the font itself can be found at releases
License is MIT, which is use for whatever you want.

In order to use the font for FOnline, one must use some tools to get the images right, I will publish a tool for it and a tutorial later on.

Here is a sample how they look after integrated into FOclassic:

Note: There were 2 similar fonts already made, one more notable the fallouty.ttf which can be found at the similar-fonts folder and is more stylish, however I found that both at higher resolutions it's not that good for reading and has a outdated copy left license for extension, so I choose not to use that style and made font from scratch. For stylish texts that font might be better though.
Share Your Work / Re: Critter Animations
« Last post by Ghosthack on January 21, 2023, 10:55:36 am »
both links are broken for me, found the frm's though, are you guys doing this in 3D and convert back to 2D?

Fixed the links.
Offtopic / Re: MVE Tools
« Last post by Ghosthack on January 21, 2023, 10:53:00 am »
Maybe there is a slight difference in the MVE format (different version?) used in Baldur's Gate?
I think you should probably ask on some forum related to BG modding, like:
Offtopic / MVE Tools
« Last post by glurak on January 18, 2023, 07:34:40 pm »
Hey i was trying to find a way to uncencor the german intro of the original Baldurs Gate 1 Intro. And found the nvme tools here.
So when i get it right i can play them and i can transform avi files into MVE.   

But is there also a way to transform the MVE files into AVI?  So i can edit it and change the soundtrack on the english intro with the german one? :)

EDIT: FFMPEG could turn the Baldurs Gate 1 intro into Avi.  And i was able to edit it. ( but it loss quality by a lot)

I used the avi2mve tool. And converted it back. Problem BG cant read the file it seems.  Somone any experience with that tools? :) I know its for Fallout but it was the same time range and the same codec so i have still some hope i can get that to work.
Share Your Work / Re: Critter Animations
« Last post by Lexx on January 18, 2023, 06:57:26 am »
No, I'm doing this via normal frame diting.
Share Your Work / Re: Critter Animations
« Last post by Slowhand on January 11, 2023, 03:03:45 pm »
both links are broken for me, found the frm's though, are you guys doing this in 3D and convert back to 2D?
Share Your Work / Re: desert tiles helper
« Last post by Lexx on January 08, 2023, 08:08:38 pm »
Uh, never saw this. Keep in mind that desert tiles aren't placed at random. They have certain pattern. There's sandy, and hard ground, as well as border/blend tiles. If you just randomly slap tiles together, you're doing it wrong.
FOnline Projects / Re: Fonline: Another Way to Die (TLA Mk2)
« Last post by Crazy777 on January 05, 2023, 12:20:22 am »
FOnline Projects / Re: FOnline Parareal CZ
« Last post by ShOw.CZ on January 02, 2023, 10:22:47 pm »

Parareal Season 2: Changelog

Game World
•    Random Events system added: Unique locations with enemies and loot will spawn periodically around the wasteland. There are 3 tiers of random event – the first tier are mostly easy encounters with basic items and materials. The 2nd tier is slightly harder with better loot. Tier 3 are end-game level MUCH harder with chances of better loot and rarer items, Tier 3 events are announced with a global message and countdown. Unfinished Random Events are erased at server restart. (Note: Anything left in a random event will be gone forever when the event ends or if events are erased following a server restart, cars etc are taken at players own risk)
•    BackPack: in random encounters you can sometimes find some npcs with a "backpack" containing a useful and sometismes rare item
•    Critical Hit Table reworked.
•    Many Dungeons have been changed.
•    Waterworks is now a low-level dungeon.
•    Mariposa can only be accessed by use of an electronic lockpick MII, it will remain open for 30 minutes. When the boss room is opened on level 4, a countdown will begin for 10 minutes at the end of which any players still inside the Mariposa location  (this means outside as well) will be killed and the location reset.
•    Vault 13 is accessed by use of a Vault 13 key card. Once opened a timer will begin for 20 minutes at the end of which, players still inside the Vault area (Vault part of level 1 and lower floors but not the cave) will be killed and the location reset.
•    Oil Rig is temporarily disabled for rebalance.
•    Talchem dungeon added.
•    New Reno Farm dungeon added.

•    Economy Re-work:
•    Base prices of many items have changed.
•    All trader’s caps volume has been halved.
•    Prices of skill books have been raised.
•    Books are no longer for sale through dialog and are only available via the barter screen at the usual booksellers. Booksellers deal in caps only.
•    Price of Private Mines raised to 100k caps.
•    Armors – Stats of many armors have been changed.
•    Combat Armor MKII is removed from all traders.
•    Drugs – Mentats, Buffout, Psycho and Jet have been removed from all traders except Doctors and bars in New Reno and the Den.
•    Encounter locker loot changed.
•    Luck now influences the items found in random caves.
•    Town Control caps rewards reduced by 50%
•    “Treasure” system added – many previously useless items are now of value to some NPCs and can be exchanged for caps. James Hightower in Hub Heights buys pre-war relics, Far Go Traders will buy pre-war food and Doctor Larrikan at Junktown will buy rare medical items.
•    Trees now produce only 1 wood per chop and each tree has a capacity of 1-5 wood.
•    All production machines which craft items using the science skill will now give 300 xp per batch made.
•    “Wonderland” quest reward changed – bonus stats which can now be chosen as reward are HP, Critical Chance and Healing Rate.

New Quest
•    Primitive Tribe (Bring Seeds for Villagers)
•    This is a partially completed project of the Environmental Protection Agency, it is still in development but you can already try out part of the location in the form of a quest.

•    RTS cursor added. This can be enabled in Client  Fonline2238.cfg by changing the value of RTS to 1 (RTS=1)
•    Movement Speed stat added – the speed of your character’s movement can be increased or decreased by traits, perks or wearing certain armors. This will work for close combat or thrown weapons only and is entirely negated by carrying a gun (SG/BG/EW) in either slot or wearing power armors. Players can check their speed at any time by typing the command “ ~speed “.

And many more changes.

You can check more changes at Discord or try new Parareal Wiki with 1% finished.

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