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Simple as fuck SDL player for .fofrm files, plays .fofrm and that's it.

Controls & usage:
Associate .exe with .fofrm files or drag&drop file onto it, also you can type "fofrm_player.exe [path_to_fofrm]" in cmd.

Left/Right arrows - change frame to previous/next.
Space - pause animation.
Mousewheel Up/Down - change zoom/window size.

Bugs & specificies:
Program can't open files if you type something like "fofrm_player.exe test.fofrm" into cmd, fixed in v0.2.1.
Program can't open more than 60 frames, fixed in v0.3.1.
Don't try to open anything that has cyrillic path.
Source code: (if someone's really wanna see this shit)
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