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FO Panamericana
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a small introduction before I announce my project. I've enjoyed many Fonline modifications of Fallout 1, 2. When I discovered the existence of Fonline many years ago, it was one of the greatest gaming thrills of my life. Because of my deep nostalgia and love for the original Fallout games, I always wished for more adventures, more deaths, more armor, more guns, more caps. FOnline gave that to me. New adventures and companions, other players. It was insane.

Now today, after playing Fonline 2238, Reloaded, Fonline 2, AOP (personal favorite), I have discovered that the new experiences in Fonline, have stagnated. The only options I have are the same settings repacked every couple years. There is nothing new. Ashes of Phoenix was able to greatly succeed (for a time) in the area of writing something new into the Fonline universe.

Now its my turn. This is my personal fan fiction, dream, goal of adding to Fallout 1, 2 universe.

FOnline Panamericana.

Based on the Panamerican highway, it will feature a Northern, Central and Southern capital cities that must traverse the distances between north and south american highway  to trade, plunder, raid, avenge, and fight.

Imagine reaching an overpass and finding a tunnel underneath. Or a truckstop run by a different crew.

random pics I found

I plan to bring a lot of new setting and quests, using the existing Fonline library, as the setting of the highway and the people who live among it will not be too different .

My work on this will be setting design, map design, and quest writing.

I understand people will be hesitant to support me but I am also willing to work other existing Fonline projects in the meantime to enhance my knowledge and collect resources, tools, information on modifying Fonline.  If you would like to throw in a comment or advice feel free.

Anyways merry christmas, I will add some more details of FO Panamerica soon.

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small update.

I am joining FO: Aftertimes team to learn to develop and assist Worldremaker with launching his new season. At this time I am learning the Mapper, Dialog tools as well as other features.  He has done a great job compiling information and resources.