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Boost fonline performance (reloaded/2238/other)

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Is there a way to boost performance on low tech machines? Some tips & tricks you know from client side and server which is hosted on localhost.

Wire: is one. I have no idea how that works

Nah, it is bull***t.

Well, caching more of the sprites and textures does actually help in performance but not in amount of FPS but smoothness and load time on machines with slow HDD. What I've always been doing is play the game with compability set to 98/ME or XP SP3 to ensure stability with custom graphical modifications and cap the FPS on 80 for smoothness (in D3D you've got VSync working but in OGL old revision based FOnlines that option was broken). What you may also try is to disable 3D Multisampling and all FPS setting related to 3D on 0.

In extreme situation you might set FPS cap on minus.. yes like -6 will give you stable ~20 to 30 frames but it's useful only on VERY low end machines with only one ancient core and GPU worser than GT240.

How many sprites and textures can I set? Are there any limits?


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