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I dont even want to know where you placed rest of fallout nevada locations

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hawthorne is placed north-west from shady sands. top anime geography ::)

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Hello i just wanted let you know that season 2 still on and updating often, we mostly type our changes on our discord but if you dont have time to check it here is list of most important:
-many bugs fixes and balance changes of course
-Enclave Oil Rig is exclusive dungeon with unique mechanics
-Vault13 can be open by v13 cards, inside waiting for you dungeon
-added new mini dungeon to reno sewers
-reroll function spawn grave, and drop implants

Also every week there is few GM events, so what are you waiting for?

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Hello there!
I know, to main run is a year left but FOnline: Aftertimes project is looking for game master for season 3 now.

- game master can't take participation in regular game and this is top rule,
- neutral to any player, faction, guild, group, team, etc,
- known engine (or at least Aftertimes's if you decide to join) issues,
- strictly cooperating with developers, in case of game-play failures, fixing exploits, bugs and similar issues, implementing new game master's (yes, for you) commands, adding new things and features to the game,
- known how to use game master's commands in FOnline based on 2238/Reloaded/Aftertimes SDK,
- reject all beliefs to other FOnline projects (we don't want to make any copy of features already presented in other FOnlines and it doesn't matter how much you're loved in it),
- own imagination and vision how game master's event should look,
- good to see someone who know how to speak in english language.

A year left. Why now we're looking now?
I know very well that some things take time to learn. So if you don't feel great about this, then a year is enough time for you to get acquainted with it. Who knows? Maybe even thanks to you FOnline: Aftertimes will be able to start in shorter time.

Do you think you can fit? Contact with me by PM on this forum or find me at FOnline: Aftertimes discord