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Mad Max - the game
« on: July 25, 2013, 12:42:50 am »
So I got bored out of my mind today and I thought I would take another look at WB's Mad Max, their site didn't give much information but while I was searching I came across a post on Gamespot saying its going to be an open world third person shooter? So its gonna be more or less Fallout style? You can interact with NPC's do quests rather than following the story line? If that so then it might not be so bad in the end... who knows maybe they are going to nail this one.. food for thought

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Re: Mad Max - the game
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is open world and there are 2 types of combat systems
1. Car combat
2. Close combat

also you can help others

but the game is based on the new MadMax movie, so do not give that much hope for a good one