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As promised a few days ago, we are releasing the source code of FOnline: 2238 with some additional tools.

The source code is a snapshot of the game code and content from the time shortly before we closed the server (some changes introduced during the final days were reverted). The access to the original repository used for the development of FOnline: 2238 in the past, with all the revisions up to this point, will stay closed.

Server and related tools

Client + Mapper

More tools (with sources)

Alternative Download (those files will stay as they are, any further changes on github won't be included)

Autogenerated documentation (using Doxygen) (the Reference section is the most interesting there)

For those who cannot wait to run your own server and look around from a whole new perspective, we prepared a short tutorial which should help you with the first steps as an authenticated character in the game world. Have fun!

Awesome!!! Thanks a ton rotators, it is very much appreciated! 

For some reason whenever I launch the server, it creates this dump :(.


--- Quote from: Spiritwind on July 02, 2013, 09:07:31 pm ---For some reason whenever I launch the server, it creates this dump :(.

--- End quote ---

This is presumably because of unconfigured SQL connection (see Sql* fields in the main server config file). SQL is used for logging of various ingame events.
I have disabled SQL usage (and thus logging of those events) in the last commit, everything should be working now.

Awesome, thanks for the help Atom. 

Checking out the last commit now :).

Thanks for this, really nice.


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