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Title: Server Fonline TMH
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sorry for my English :)

Information: (

Russia information: ( ( - client ( - intrface pur evil new black

Welcome! Invite to the server Fonline - Too much of heaven!
Hour not big ago, I started a gaming session
English information: (
Russia information: (
Support English! - if you find a bug, then let me know - will fix 

All the game features can't explain, but briefly:
Features and gameplay:
1) Server pvp\pve
2) Mercenaries:

Control (first you need to enter into control mode) - CTRL + X.
the coordinates will appear near the cursor.
The control itself:
9 - to stop attacking and go to specific coordinates
0 - attack(you need to guide your mouse cursor on the target).
Y - to trade items with NPC (if the NPC is far away, it just come to you).
U - looting corpses. A bit of bad ends. You need to alternate with 9 coy. Tapped U have palatal, and then 9 again
T - to change into the armor and to take up arms ALL MERCENARIES
J - to send a single mercenary, and press. To change and to take up arms hired one
H - to send a single mercenary, and press. Treatment with stimulants (or SS)
ALT+ H - to be treated all the mercenaries at once. Treatment with stimulants (or SS)

Also to distinguish a mercenary from the NPC. You can use the backlight:
In the settings menu on the TAB button there is a button:
1) MercTriangle - illuminated triangle under the merc(slave)
2) MercLines illumination line from Merck(slave) to the player(owner)
3) MColorLines - the color of the line merc(slave) to the player(host)(different every time)
4) MColorTriangle - the color of the triangle under the mark(slave)


3) a System of teleports and portals:
3.1 Teleporters.
In the world in some cities you can get money using static teleporters that are in these cities:

3.2 Blue portals:
In the new barter ground in sin city and you can find pharmalogic blue scrolls portals. To use these scrolls, you need to find a special terminal (usually near the antenna) and to register the signal on this frequency.
Then quietly in pustosh open the portal and take place in this city
Exception: you cannot open a portal in the city or databases
Other players or NPCs can't pass through this portal and no denote far it goes.

3.3 Red portals:

In barter ground is sold the Amulet space, which is shared with the analyzer location:
Analyzer location a recorded the coordinates of the portal:
And Amulet space open the portal:
Through these portals can place NPCs in wasteland. So far, only the strongest PS - Enclave, fanatics and mutants

4) Sale

In Redding the Geologist is possible to buy base
You can also buy base the captain of the tanker in SF, at the Sheriff's office in the NKR and in Klamath at tetki:

5. Farm location

farm location is constant for all (Mariposa), there is a time for all ( red portal in sin City) to open it, you need to strip the Mariposa and take a bow space of the mutant on the top floor, then use it and then we can get into this location. (a portal appears where the red cross in sin city)
Also farmlocation for elementary levels - two of the same type.
To get it from the brotherhood of steel in the new barter ground at the entrance
Also farmiloe for 24 levels - taken in the Pit at the bunker the brotherhood of steel:

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On complex issues, can provide Video responses(record the game)

After 1-5 days, you will create a forum
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