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Title: IRC Help
Post by: Reconite on December 29, 2009, 11:10:36 pm
Please look at instead of here ! :)

Thought I'd bring this over here. I've adjusted the post to fit this forum (because things like \me command actually work on the forum). It's really simple and pretty straight forward (most of the time), but if you get lost with it don't be afraid to ask questions. Here is the short-lived, original thread (, check there first to see if your question or problem has already been resolved.

IRC Clients:
  • Chatzilla (
  • mIRC (
  • Irssi (
  • X-Chat 2 (
  • HydraIRC (
  • pjIRC (
  • IceChat (

Non-Download Browser IRC Clients:
  • Mibbit (

Now, download one of those or use one of the browser ones.
Connect to and join the channel #2238 by typing the command in the text box: /join #2238

Then do /nick [yournamehere] (most IRC clients have a name selection on startup) for people to identify you instead of being called, for example, "Leaf1185" (because that's automatic for etc. To register a nickname, use /ns register [password] [email] while using the name you want to register. Do not use a fake email to register a nickname, it has to be an email account that you can pick up the email from and activate it.

Server Info:
Port: 6667

#2238- Official FOnline: 2238 channel.
#2238rage- Unmoderated channel for arguing.
#2238map- Mapping channel.
#2238mod- Modification channel.
#2238_Trade- Trade channel.
#FOnline- The Life After's official channel.

Some things that work in mIRC (may have client differences):

Basic Commands:
Code: [Select]
/join #[channel name] - e.g. /join #2238
/nick [new name] - e.g. /nick FUnline
/msg [nick] [message] - sends [message] to [nick].
/query [nick] - opens a query window to chat privately with another person.
/me likes FOnline. - will be displayed as "* [Yourname] likes FOnline."
/away - Will mark you as being away.
/quit - Will quit the server.

Text-Formatting Shortcuts:
Ctrl-B will apply bold to the word.
Ctrl-R will highlight the word.
Ctrl-U will underline the word.
Ctrl-K will allow you to select a colour to the words ahead.
Ctrl-O will let you stop the colour code.

Stop being lazy and get to it! ;)
Title: Re: IRC Help
Post by: Cpt.Rookie on March 25, 2010, 11:32:44 pm
I would also like to add info about room #serverstatus. You can find there bot named Librarian. After typing
Code: [Select]
to the channel, it will display information like

[21:59] <@Librarian> Server status: Online. Players: 460 Uptime: 1h 26m 21s, ping to server is about 22 ms
[21:59] <@Librarian> Maximum players online (470 players) was on 25 Mar - 21:37 (GMT+1)
[21:59] <@Librarian> The longest uptime was 34h 15m 4s, started on 23 Mar - 13:24 (GMT+1)
[21:59] <@Librarian> The longest downtime was 1h 13m 21s, started on 25 Mar - 16:48 (GMT+1)

in case of typing

Code: [Select]
 you'll get response from Misiolap in following format

[21:09] <@Misiolap> Server status: Online | Players: 456 | Uptime: 37m 19s | Machine uptime: 4d 7h

You can also send whatever text you want to Librarian via query (pm) and it will send you information about server as well.
Only !status command is accepted now.
Title: Re: IRC Help
Post by: jan0s1k on October 07, 2010, 04:14:23 pm
Also if anyone cares, there are statistics of channel #2238
#2238 @ Forestnet stats by jan0s1k (
and logs ;)
#2238 logs (
Title: Re: IRC Help
Post by: White Eagle on September 03, 2011, 11:38:34 pm
I was bored so i made video - Tutorial how to install and use chatzilla.. i hope some one will use it :)
its nothing special.
Title: Re: IRC Help
Post by: Izual on March 20, 2012, 04:36:22 pm
Had another glance at your #2238 stats, Janosik. Very good work :)
Title: Re: IRC Help
Post by: Who Killed Bambi on June 02, 2012, 09:23:23 pm
banned on #2238 for reply to troll month ago
(nick canesugar)
help please...