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Share Your Work / Well here is another ez to do animation I figured out
« Last post by phrophet on June 10, 2022, 02:07:33 am » just an  ez animation switch basically switches the swing animation for knives with the club so its a sword sort of lol
Share Your Work / Re: Critter Animations
« Last post by Lexx on June 04, 2022, 03:06:02 pm »
Will links to previews be added to the github descriptions?

Maybe some day. You can manually run the animations from here.
Share Your Work / Re: Critter Animations
« Last post by Ganado on June 01, 2022, 04:32:56 am »
Nice stuff, I can relate to finally fixing something that's bugged me for years in unrelated software.

Will links to previews be added to the github descriptions?
Share Your Work / Re: Critter Animations
« Last post by Lexx on May 30, 2022, 02:08:11 pm »
New stuff.

Combat Armor Rocket Launcher Fix
Fixes the backpack clipping through the rocket launcher in the combat armor animations. This annoyed the hell out of me for years, and now I've finally fixed it.

The animations are here. Black Dude hero appearance character has been updated as well / the files are in there by default now.
FOnline Projects / Re: FOnline 3
« Last post by kompreSor on April 29, 2022, 03:14:59 pm »
With day 06.05.2022 will be released big patch with:
-huge perks changes(new perks)
-totally dungeon revolution
-Tier 4 items will be back
-War Event bonuses will get rework
-New Class perk Scout
-Ammo DT penetration rework
-Fixes and many more changes
also in that day leaderboard will get a reset and some items will be wiped:
-Implants(even installed)
-Tier 4 parts
-Tier 4 blueprints
-Electronic Lockpicks
-Interplay maps
-WE bonuses
Some of features what was planned for season 5 will be in Season 4 MK.III
Questions and Answers / Re: @lex str1@@lex str2@
« Last post by KingR on April 19, 2022, 10:04:42 pm »
You ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuule that works!  Many many thanks!!!! ;D

Questions and Answers / Re: @lex str1@@lex str2@
« Last post by kompreSor on April 09, 2022, 02:16:39 pm »
isnt that "and" in worldmap.fos?
class CEncounter
Questions and Answers / @lex str1@@lex str2@
« Last post by KingR on April 08, 2022, 07:02:03 pm »
Hello everyone!
I'm translating the game in French, and I have a little problem:

In random encounters, I have an automatic word "and" that goes between the groups. I tried to add "et" between the lexem (which is the translation of "and" in French) but the game engine marks me in this case: "et and"

Example in FOGM.MSG :

{10000012}{}{Veux-tu rencontrer : @lex str1@@lex str2@} (and)

{10000012}{}{Veux-tu rencontrer : @lex str1@ et @lex str2@} (et and)

I feel like it's coded in the exe, but I don't have the tools to modify it.

Anyone know the solution?

Thanks very much!

FOnline Projects / Re: FOnline Parareal CZ
« Last post by ShOw.CZ on April 01, 2022, 06:01:38 am »
Here You can find basic information about the game which will be constantly updated. It is meant mostly for newcomers.
> **Information about the game can be found also on**
> The current version of wiki is valid for FOnline: Reloaded Season 3.
> For each searched information, **attention should be paid to select a proper older revision (around 2015)**
> Full Parareal client, interfaces and latest updates can be found in #download section. Keep Your client always updated for proper funcion.

Fonline Parareal is a Fonline: Reloaded S2 based server with the following basic gameplay improvements (server is constantly under development):

>**First Spawn Map has been changed:**
    - You wake up in a Vault where You can select Your appearance via computer:
      - Man   (Default short dark hair, Long hair, Bald, Black man),
      - Woman (Default dark hair, Blonde, Redhead, Green hair),
    - After leaving the location, it is no more possible to change Your appearance.

>**Some Traits have been modified:**
    - Bruiser: +4 Strength, -1 AP, -10 Radiation and Poison resistance,
    - Heavy Handed: +Melee DMG, reduction in chance of successful knockdowns, improved by STR and weapons to a maximum of 80% chance with 10 STR and Mega Powerfist.
    - Kamikaze - + 1 Action Point but all enemies gain + 10 bonus on critical power rolls against you.
    - One Hander - Now adds + 5 Flat Damage in addition to it's old benefits.
    - Bloody Mess - Gives you + 5 to critical chance but you take a -3 penalty to all damage resistance values.
    - Fast Metabolism - Reduces Healing Rate timer to 10 seconds, drug effect timers halved.

>**Some Perks have been modified too:**
    - New perk: Spray and Pray (minimum lvl 9),
    - Heave Ho! and Heave Ho!!: Have been merged into one perk,
    - Medic ,Healer and Healer II: Have been merged into one perk,
    - Living Anatomy: +10 Healing Rate in addition to it's other benefits.
    - Faster Healing Support Perk: +8 Healing Rate.

>**Healing Rate **
   - Timer for healing rate ticks is now active at all times and is every 30 seconds.

>**In towns, it is possible to find various items in shelves and drawers **

>**In random encounters:**
    - You can find locked boxes with items more often,
    - Footlocker has been changed to Old Rusty Locker,
    - In Car Wrekcs, in adition to Fuel Cell Controller it is possible to find Electro Engine and Tech Wires too.
    - In Cave encounters it is possible to find some new items (eg. Vault 13 Card and Ares Key) and new gigantic monsters.

>**Rewards for completing caravans have been modified:**
    - 3-4x caps for completing,
    - 1000XP for each encounter,
    - Tripple XP for killing endless walkers.

>**Double XP for killing floaters and centaurs:** Centaur - 1100, Mean Centaur - 1800, Floater - 1100, Nasty Floater - 2000

>**Rad-X no longer provides radiation resistance, but reduces radiation - (unlimited amount of use)**

>**Radiation resistance from wearing armors set to:**
   - All leather armors: +0%
   - All metal armors: +0%
   - All combat armors: +0%
   - Soviet combat armor: +10%
   - Nomex kevlar armor: +20%
   - Power Armor: +30%
   - Advanced Power Armor: +30%
   - Gas Mask : +40% (+poison resistance +40%)
   - Exoskeleton Suit : +60% (+poison resistance +60%)       

>**New bonuses from wearing PowerArmor:** +1 AP, +60 HP

>**New bonuses from wearing Advanced Power Armor:** +1 AP, +80 HP

>**Monster Hunter:** Primitive Tribe, sells monsters, buys all animal resources (skins, meat, spikes, etc.)

>**Exp Seller:** Secret Ares Room

>**Mrs. Stapleton, a librarian in Hub, now has new books for sale:**
  - Big Guns
  - Energy Weapons
  - Close Combat
  - Throwing
  - Doctor
  - Lockpick
  - Traps

>**New cars sellers:**
  - __Smitty in Den sells__:
    - Highwayman brown - 125000 Caps,
    - Highwayman yelow - 125000 Caps,
    - Highwayman orange - 125000 Caps,
    - Highwayman purple - 125000 Caps,
    - Highwayman green - 125000 Caps,
    - Highwayman red-white - 125000 Caps,
    - Highwayman red - 125000 Caps,
    - Highwayman GT - 200000 Caps.

  - __Skeeter in Gecko sells__:
    - Police chevrolet: fuel cell cont/rope on a crane/120000 Caps,
    - Chevrolet: fuel cell cont/rope on a crane/120000 Caps,
    - Rolls-Royce: fuel cell cont/rope on a crane/80000 Caps,
    - Rolls-sedan: fuel cell cont/rope on a crane/85000 Caps,
    - Fatman: fuel cell cont/rope on a crane/80000 Caps,
    - Ford Pickup: fuel cell cont/rope on a crane/100000 Caps.

>__**New Motorcycle:**__
   - "Harley Davidson" Motorcycle (For sale by Todd at Junkyard)

  Some cars and motorcycles have new sound effects and the name of owner is shown.
  Rope on Crane is needed to pull out the car from junkyard, it can be found in the basement of old reactor.

**>New cybernetic implants:**
  - Left Knee implant (+50 carry weight)
  - Right Knee implant (Tree Trunk Thighs, cannot be implanted if You already have this perk)
  - Left Hand implant (Iron Grip, cannot be implanted if You already have this perk)
  - Right Hand implant (Melee DMG +6HP)
  - Eye implant (+10% Critical Chance)
  - Nociception clamp (+50 HP)
  - Liver box implant (Rad a Poison Resistance +15%)
  - Adrenal enhancer implant (Healing Rate +10)
  - Cerebral Modem (+10% Electric DR )

  It is possible to have only one type of implant for a specific body part (leg, arm, head, abdominal part) from Level 30.   
  One exception is Cerebral Modem Implant, which can be implanted from Level 40 regardless of other implants.
  Cybernetic Implants are installed by Dr. Fung as other implants.
>**Water transport:** ( it is cancelled for now because of technical problems )
  - It is possible to sail with a fisherman from San Francisco to the Submarine.

>**Town Control:**
  - minimum number of players: 2
  - militia wears combat armor and costs 2000 caps
  - New resources as Coal and Copper has been added to rewards.
  - Sometimes T4 components can be found in TC rewards too.
  - Better Armors (T3.5) will occasionally spawn too.

>**Caravan instead of Safe House in some maps**

>**For mining, pickaxe (can be bought or crafted) is used instead of Sledge Hammer and Super Sledge**

  - It is possible to craft a Fishing rod,
  - Fishing is possible in some random encounters near ocean and some othe locations.

>__**Map updates:**__
   - V15
   - Mariposa: map is reset after succesfull activation of autodestruction
   - Glow: More radiation
   - San Francisco: It is possible to sail with a fisherman to the Submarine.
   - San Francisco: Tanker map
   - Ares Level 1: Secret Ares Room has been added with 3 reward boxes and Exp Seller, it can be opened with Ares Key which can be found in caves and random encounters.
   - Sierra Army Depot - Now a tough dungeon with puzzle mechanics.
   - Vault 12 (Necropolis) - Now a low level dungeon targeted at new players.

>__**New maps:**__
   - Toxic Garden (Zone 34:49), Poisoning
   - Vault 13 (Zone 28:27)
   - Primitive Tribe (Zone 3 : 11)
   - Submarine (Zone: 13 : 49), very high radiation, It is possible to go there by fisherman,
   - Enclave Oil Rig (Zone 2 : 32)
   - Abbey (Zone: 31 : 2)
   - Copper Mine (Zone: 11:21), You can obtain Copper Ore from Copper Vein

>__**New quests:**__
  **- In Hub:**
     - __Buck Rogers in Oldtown gives quests__:
        - Deliver the Geiger Counter to Boyce,
        - Search the RobCo Warehouse,
        - Cybernetic Brain.
     - __Zina in Oldtown__:
        - Gecko hunting,
        - Hunting Golden Gecko - repeatable quest, 
        - Hunting Fire Gecko - repeatable quest.
     - __Mitch at Far go Traders__:
        - Fruit Picking,
        - Cigarettes for Far go Traders,
        - Kill the Robber Gang.

  **- In Junktown:**
     - __Jeremiah__:
        - The lost Caravan,
        - The Bearet of Bad news.

  **- In NCR:**
     - __Elise of the NCR Rangers__:
        - Blood on Highway,
        - A Rat in the House,
        - Shock and Awe,
        - Punishment.

  **- In Fort Seth:**
     - __Ezekiel__:
        - Seven,
        - All That Glisters.
        - The Shape of Things to Come

   **- In Primitive Tribe:**
     - Find a G.E.C.K. for villagers, by Elder,
     - Feed the Villagers, by Fisherman,

   **- In Glow:**
     - To gain access to lower levels, You have to complete a quest for Rombie a ghoul located at level 1.

   **- Enclave (NPC Faction):**
     - 4 New quests added in Navarro:

       - Welcome to the Enclave
       - Vertibird Distress Signal
       - Find and Explore Vault 12
       - Explore the Vault Office

     - Equipment can be purchased via Faction Points (earned through quests and other jobs)
     - Fetch jobs added to some NPCs with Faction Points reward.
>__**New Weapons:**__
   **- Small weapons:**
     - Crossbow
     - Stunning Rifle
     - DKS-501 pistol
     - Dragunov SVD
     - Annihilator Shotgun
     - Saiga 12
     - Mikor MGL
     - AK-47
   **- Big weapons:**
     - M202 FLASH
     - Anti-Materiel Rifle
     - MEC Gauss minigun
     - Napalm Flamethtower
   **- Energy weapons:**
     - Laser Gun Apollo
     - Light Plasma Rifle
     - Plasma Cannon
     - Electro Rocket Launcher
   **- Melee weapons:**
     - Pipe Wrench
     - Poisoned Spear
     - Plasma Spear
     - Energy Spear
     - Punch Gun
   **- Throwing weapons:**
     - Fire Grenade
     - Smoke Grenade (Smoke)
     - Gas Mustard Grenade (DMG poison)

>__**New Ammo:**__
   - Arrow
   - Stunning Arrow
   - 7.62x54mmR
   - .50 BMG caliber
   -  10MM emp
   -  .223 ap
   -  7,62 ap
   -  Napalm
   -  Electric Rocket
   -  Electron Charge Needles (for Alien Blaster, Energy spear, YK32 pistol and YK42b pulse rifle)

>__**New armors:**__
   - Kevlar robe
   - Nomex kevlar armor
   - Exoskeleton Suit: poison and radiation resistance +60%, craft
   - V-Tech Combat Armor                 
   - Soviet Combat Armor                 
   - Firegecko leather Armor (speed bonus)

>__**New helmets:**__
   - Gas mask               
   - Vault-Tec Helmet (crafting automatically with armor crafting)

>__**New Graphics (Skin) when wearing:**__                 
   - Combat Leather Jacket                 
   - Leather Armor Mark II                 
   - Brotherhood Armor                 
   - Exoskeleton Suit                 
   - Enclave Armor                 
   - Nomex-kevlar Armor                 
   - Bridgekeeper's robes

>__**New Resources:**__
   - High Quality Fibers
   - Superalloys 
   - Coal (in mines, craftable from wood with forge)
   - Empty Shells
   - Kevlar
   - High Quality Chemical Components
   - Bug[microphone]
   - Laser Pointer
   - Scope
   - High Quality Electronic parts
   - Gunpowder3
   - Carbon Polymer
   - Carbon Polymer Barrels     
   - Carbon Polymer
   - Gun Electrical Transformer                 
   - Gun Control Units
   - High Quality Electronic parts
   - Electronic Lockpick
   - Electric Amplifer
   - Motor
   - Parts of Detonator
   - Gun Trigger
   - Wires
   - Auto gun trigger
   - Gun Mechanism
   - Plasma Transformer
   - Hot-wired Plasma Bolt Chamber
   - Hydroelectric Part
   - Laser Transformer
   - Electromagnetic Mechanism
   - Recoil Absorber
   - Spring
   - Rotary Chamber
   - Small Piece Of Machinery
   - Hydraulic Systems
   - T51b Power Armor Shell
   - TX-28 Microfusion Pack       
   - Ceramic Plate       
   - Computer voice Module       
   - Gas Filter
   - Advacend Power Armor Shell
   - Plastic - obtaining in dungeon
   - Rubber gloves - obtaining, craft
   - Exoskeleton Torso - obtaining in submarine
   - Exoskeleton Manual - obtaining in submarine
   - Copper Ore
   - Copper Ingot
   - Copper Plate
   - Copper Wire
   - Condenzator - can be obtained by using Science on old Televisions which can be found in Vault15; Warehouse; New Reno(slags) ; Redding (ruins left to centre with slags)
   - High Quality Electronic Components - from computers in Glow
   - Mechanical Engine - from all lootable robots
   - Coal - from firing wood in upgraded fireplaces in tents and safehouses, or as TC reward

>__**New animal resources:**__
   - Mouse skin
   - Meat
   - Spider Fibers
   - Deathclaw hide
   - Fish
   - Wasp Stinger
   - Toxic Gecko Pelt
   - Slime
   - Alien (teeth)

>__**New technical manuals:**__
   - BoS Technical Manual
   - NCR Technical Manual
   - Desert Technical Manual
   - Enclave Technical Manual
   - T-51b Technical Manual
   - Tricks a Traps

>__**New Crafting tools:**__
   - Forge: for making Baked fish and Baked meat, in every safehouse
   - Forge: for making Hard Alloys, Steel Plate, Steel Tube, Copper Ingot, in every safehouse and unprotected town
   - Armor Machinery: in Ares (lvl3) , Sierra (lvl2) , Mariposa (Lvl3) , Tanker (Basement) , Oil Rig.
   - T4 Machinery: in Ares (lvl4) , Sierra (lvl3) , Mariposa (Lvl4) , Vault13 (Lvl4) , Oil Rig.
   - Steel Saw
   - Pipe Wrench

>__**Craftable Items:**__
   - All types of Combat Armors
   - All types of Combat Helmets
   - Nomex kevlar armor
   - Gas mask
   - Exoskeleton Suit
   - Power Armor
   - Power Helmet
   - Hardened Power Armor
   - Hardened Power Helmet
   - AdvancedPower Armor
   - Advanced Power Helmet
   - Crossbow
   - Stunning Rifle
   - DKS-501 pistol
   - Dragunov SVD
   - Annihilator Shotgun
   - Saiga 12
   - Mikor MGL
   - H&K G11
   - H&K G11 E
   - PPK12 Gauss Pistol
   - M72 Gauss Rifle
   - Laser Gun Apollo
   - Light Plasma Rifle
   - Plasma Cannon
   - Turbo Plasma Rifle
   - Gatling Laser
   - YK32 Pulse Pistol
   - YK42B Pulse Rifle
   - Bozar
   - Frag Mine
   - Electronic Lockpick
   - 12 ga.Gecko`s Breath Shotgun Shells
   - 4,7mm Caseless
   - 2mm EC
   - Electron Charge Needles
   - Vindicator Minigun
   - M202 FLASH
   - Anti-Materiel Rifle
   - Poisoned Spear
   - Plasma Spear
   - Energy Spear
   - Punch Gun
   - Hypo
   - Drug antidode M202 Flash
   - Solar Sorcher
   - Saiga-12
   - El Rocket Launcher
   - Napalm Flamethrower
   - Avenger Minigun
   - AK 47
   - Pulse grenade
   - Firegecko leather Armor
   - Vault-Tec Helmet

>__**New profession:**__
   **- Power armor expert**
     - Jenna will teach You in Lost Hills Bunker (enter)
     - for crafting all power armor and helmet

>__**New consumables:**__
     - Baked Meat (Adds HP)
     - Baked Fish (Adds HP)

>__**New Faction Bases:**__
   – Enclave HQ

>__**New sound effects:**__ for chopping fibers, chopping wood, mining ore, and reading books.

Developer Team: ShOw, Rinzler, Rado
Moderators: Peter, Saandra
News/Game info Editor : Peter

Last update: 2022. III. 30.
News and Announcements / Re: Registration enabled again
« Last post by ChrisbroseFO on March 26, 2022, 09:25:01 am »
Why not add some more questions, so we can last longer
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