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Need help with SDK


Hey There!
I just heared about the SDK and i think is a good ideea!
Me and my friend want so bad to make  fonline server,so, can you please help me by asking to this questions please?
From where can i download SDK?
How can i make a server?
How can i add things on the game?(towns,things etc...)
How can i make players and other characters admin and other things?
How can i give to me,or to other players items cave's outpost's and other things?
How can i make the server popular?
How can i add encounters or more mobs on encounters?
From where i can find intructions to make a good server with SDK?
I got the client,Now how can i make the server?How can i enter in game?

1] read
2] read
3] read
4] read
5] read
6] read
7] stop asking, start searching and learning on your own. Realize and consider (hell, I really like this quote):

--- Quote from: JovankaB on September 04, 2010, 06:41:01 pm ---It looks like you will have to write the teleport/goto commands (and many, many other) on your own. Hurr durr.
If you didn't realize it yet, SDK is a TOOL for GAME DEVELOPERS people, not a toy for lazy kids.

--- End quote ---
8] or - hope that some very kind person will show up and answer all of your questions.


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