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Hi guys

I wanted to know what will bo of the game server? I mean, they said on the main Fonline homepage that once all is finished that they would release client-server package so that everyone could make their own servers. Since I don't speak Russian, I'm askin this here.

I'm not asking when will it reach final, just are they going to release the SDK or not.


The client and server files, aswell as all maps and scripts from TLA, will be released most probably this year. If I remember correct, it was first planned for april, but due to last additions of the engine and some other stuff, it will delay. A date for the release is not known yet.


Client is basically the same for 2238 and TLA, right?

Yes, client is the same for both. Everything else is on the game server (except new graphics, etc. of course).

i do not understand lexx why are u guys selling the engine or  letting people make other servers ? will they be public servers or private ones????

why would u want the community to fall apart?   I am confused


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