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Well, as everyone should know by now, the devs have put up a new Wiki for us hosted on the fonline2238.net server.

Now, seeing as the Wiki-Boy 2000 is down (probably indefinitely) and this wiki is pretty uninformed, out of date or low on information in places, the developers need the 2238 community to contribute to the new wiki as their hands are already tied with making the game for us to play.

Now, I've given it a start and filled in some of the locations (not very detailed, mind you), but what we really need is this to become a great starting point for new players to find information about the game.

Feel free to contribute if you have the time. ;)

Yes, and that official wiki, even though just started, is best informed of them all - simply because we're using bot to fetch the data from game data files and update pages. So the item/critter properties as well as crafting recipies are updated automatically. It's still in progress, but I should note that users shouldn't update those auto-generated templates (simply because it might get overwritten):

* Weapon
* Armor
* Craft
* Critter
* More to come...

I just finished to sort faction names.


Since all faction names are clickable, players may easily create a page for their faction.

And - sticky.

Getting started page is now better =p

Also, remember to check if all the quests you know are in the Quests page.

I created the Shit shoveling page but it lacks many informations. The same lack goes to the Advices for beginners page.


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