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Hi everybody! Today, 09.04.2010, at russian forum, in conference topic, Cvet answered a lot of questions. Half of them are related with TLA server only, but there were some, that may be interesting to you. I will try to translate those:

1. The first release of TLA and SDK will be at summer, jule-august, can't tell you precisely yet.

2. There will be two server versions: empty one (with minimal content), to create your own game from the begining, and TLA-based, which you will be able to use as an example, to create mods, or just to play.

3. Also, if nothing goes wrong, there will be single-player version of engine.

4. "In this case I will be able to apply any settings to the engine, and finally create the game I am waiting for two years on my personal server?"-<ПирогсЧСВ_и_с_демагогией>.
    Yes, you will, if you have enough desire and opportunities.

5. "Will the engine contain global-map-tools?" -<Krizalis[in_FOG]>.
    Probably, yes.

6. "Will there be cross-platform version of engine?" -<stone>.
    No, may be I will work on it later.

7. "Will it be possible to completly disable turn-based mode?"
   Yes, it will. And there will be a lot of options to change global variables.

8. I will make the official announcement at the site, when I have time for it.

Ps: hope I didnt break any rules by putting this info here :)

What does this have to do with us?



--- Quote from: avv on April 09, 2010, 03:39:31 pm ---What does this have to do with us?

--- End quote ---

2238 is using the same engine. And many players here don't know Russian and are asking if the game will be released. So thank you for the heads-up, virus.

Nice. I can't wait.


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