Author Topic: [Mapper scripts] Entity Switcher and Input Visualizer  (Read 2023 times)

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[Mapper scripts] Entity Switcher and Input Visualizer
« on: April 17, 2024, 01:46:52 pm »
I have added 2 worthy to check out tools to the mapper scripts, in the BNW project.

Entity Switcher - see Issue #94 of the FOclassic:BNW repo.

Ability to swap walls or other entities, by selecting and clicking Ctrl + Mouse Wheel. One can easily make an old vault a new one, or make an outdoor map change the wall theme. There are some interior entities added as well, so in the case of vaults, when switching from new to old, the computers would be switched to the destroyed ones, etc.
Everything is not perfect, because missing assets or displacements. For the displacement one can specify corrections on X/Y hex, but this does not always solve issue, that are because some doorway are larger in one theme than the other.

For guide best is to see the description at Issue #94. For feature showcase check this feature video .

Input Visualizer - see Issue #97 of the FOclassic:BNW repo.

This is a lightweight tool to visualize what keys have been pressed, in case someone is streaming how they are mapping or trying to teach newbies.
Another feature it has, is that it would show the protoID and mapper tab location of the selected item below the obj interface. Alternatively Ctrl + 1 can be pressed several times to jump to that mapper tab, unfortunately this is not perfect, due to engine bugs.
Lastly it has a command to find objects that are not added to the mapper tabs, this will be listed in the mapper log file for easier copy paste of proto values. It will also who on screen if no missing entities found.