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Maps - Cave Template Pack FOClassic/S2/2238 compatible
« on: March 28, 2024, 11:26:57 pm »
In order to mass create cave maps for an upcoming module of mine, I made template maps for caves. It can be found in the public repo of FOClassic - Brave New World here:

Tutorial video or 'Music to a FO mappers ears' challenge - aka make a 1920x1080 compatible map before a song runs out, here:

Just load most maps that start with template_cave_ into mapper, then load ~template_cave_L for a large blank map, and go from there as shown above. GL, HF.

The FOClassic: BNW also contains a minor mapper plugin, that shows which key combinations are pressed for people who want to stream or make video tutorials, name is Input Visualizer, you might add that to your version if you like, check issue #97 at the repo for change list.

There is an upcoming cave map-pack as well, named Sierra Caves, it's not ready yet, but those who need ready cave maps urgently may check any maps in the repo starting with that name.