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Character creation and Mutation feature test tool.
« on: July 20, 2023, 09:00:57 pm »
Hi everyone.

I was working on the concepts of a new/old feature, Mutation, which would allow player to change their specials, skills, perks, trait and skill tags without removing their progress or implants via Book of Achievement character deletion option.

Since this feature is very problematic, first I made a character creation (or planning) tool in Java, that can be used to create and level up character and via dialogue test the mutation feature, as in to find possible exploits, bugs, loopholes, whatever...

Obviously introducing such a feature to the game is very risky thing (exploits found and not reported fixed by player mess up the characters of game, basically a free character stats cheat) and if failed game breaking (only fix would be to wipe and go next season rofl)

The workflow:
 - design Mutation concept (done)
 - make tool to test and fix the concept (done)
 - publish tool to players to test the concept and report issues (we are here)
 - fix the bugs in concept and retest
 - implement the FOnline code for the concept on a test server
 - test publicly once more (players need to download server and client, run it localhost to test)
 - fix reported bugs and thus feature is ready to deployment (if wanted) to FOnline servers

So, assuming this work gets ever finished and introduced to any of the FOnline servers at some point, here is the logic and the tool that can use to test for possible bugs. The character-planner or mutation feature testing tool, is based off game mechanics of Reloaded S3/S4 as FOclassic - BWN uses those.

Alternatively this tool can be used as on offline character-planner as well, assuming the java code get's modified to reflects one's own server mechanics, if those are different from it.

Feature concept: (logic or how mutation should work in specific cases is written in first few comments)

Character-planner mutation tester tool: (Java 17+)
newest on git -
newest on google drive -

If anyone finds any bugs, they can report them here, on discord or on the github issues page above in comments.

To run the tool you'll need Java 17 or later. If you have trouble, make sure you uninstall previous java versions before installing java17 or later and if still issues, try the jarfix tool at:

After jarfix double clicking JAR file in windows should run it, alternately you can open a console and type: java -jar foclassic-char-planner.jar