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Font - FOnline Classic Dialog Regular


I have recreated the original Fallout font that is used in the dialog and extended for most European and Cyrillic alphabets, chess and card suit symbols. (While most of the glyph have been made by me from scratch, the later were copied and transformed from various svg image sources on the internet.)

There are 2 versions, the regular is more complete, resembles the original font less at 10 pixels size, but more relaxing to use at higher resolutions, while the bold is mostly incomplete having only the Latin alphabet but at low resolution resembles the original font more.

The project can be tracked here: fallout-classic-dialog-font the font itself can be found at releases
License is MIT, which is use for whatever you want.

In order to use the font for FOnline, one must use some tools to get the images right, I will publish a tool for it and a tutorial later on.

Here is a sample how they look after integrated into FOclassic:

Note: There were 2 similar fonts already made, one more notable the fallouty.ttf which can be found at the similar-fonts folder and is more stylish, however I found that both at higher resolutions it's not that good for reading and has a outdated copy left license for extension, so I choose not to use that style and made font from scratch. For stylish texts that font might be better though.


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