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Hey i was trying to find a way to uncencor the german intro of the original Baldurs Gate 1 Intro. And found the nvme tools here.
So when i get it right i can play them and i can transform avi files into MVE.   

But is there also a way to transform the MVE files into AVI?  So i can edit it and change the soundtrack on the english intro with the german one? :)

EDIT: FFMPEG could turn the Baldurs Gate 1 intro into Avi.  And i was able to edit it. ( but it loss quality by a lot)

I used the avi2mve tool. And converted it back. Problem BG cant read the file it seems.  Somone any experience with that tools? :) I know its for Fallout but it was the same time range and the same codec so i have still some hope i can get that to work.

Maybe there is a slight difference in the MVE format (different version?) used in Baldur's Gate?
I think you should probably ask on some forum related to BG modding, like: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/


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