Author Topic: Swamp Kickstarter (a postap game by FOnliners)  (Read 5710 times)

Swamp Kickstarter (a postap game by FOnliners)
« on: December 13, 2021, 01:10:26 am »
Hi all!
I'm surprised this was not posted here before.

A few of our fellow FOnliners are making a point-and-click adventure game in postapocalyptic setting where Cryofluid (I'm sure you all know him) is the main artist. Currently they are running a Kickstarter to help them accelerate the development. I've played the demo - the game is beautiful, dark and gloomy. Would be incredible to see it completed, so please consider supporting them.  :) Only 10 days are left in the campaign!

Kickstarter page:

A demo can be downloaded here:
Twitter page of the team: