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few mapper questions


How do I make maps that can have static time independent of global time? Like maybe I want some maps to be permanently dawn.
Next, how do I make maps have constant rain? And is it possible to change the color of the rain drops and maybe not make them as dense?
And is it possible to make scenery or objects emit radiation through the mapper?

Time you can easliy change in map, just open .fomap file of your map by notepad or other editor. There you have something like that...
Version              4
MaxHexX              640
MaxHexY              480
WorkHexX             378
WorkHexY             173
ScriptModule         map_arena
ScriptFunc           map_init
NoLogOut             0
Time                 -1
DayTime              300  600  1140 1380
DayColor0            18  18  53
DayColor1            128 128 128
DayColor2            103 95  86
DayColor3            51  40  29

Line with Time = -1 means global time if you want change it set another value for example time = 600 than you get pernamently dawn.
For other 2 questions I think you have to do this via scripts.


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