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Fonline: Another Way to Die (TLA Mk2)
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Hi all!

FOnline: Another Way to Die - is a free online Fallout 2 game developed on the FOnline engine. Is the ideological successor of Fonline: The Life After MK2
The game allows fans of the original Fallout duology to revisit the post-apocalyptic world of Northern California they love, complete with new content, along with friends and other players. You have to see the consequences of the adventures of the chosen one (Events take place 4 years after Fallout 2), chat with old characters, see new ones and complete a bunch of new quests. The game is designed for interaction with other players, there is team content (Faction system, PVP, PVE content, capturing and holding military bases)
The game is being developed on a non-commercial basis ("By gamers, for gamers") and is completely, not shareware. There is no option to purchase an in-game advantage on the server.

The server exists since 23/04/20. Now the third game session is underway.

Briefly about some of the latest edits (in the last three to four months) that have already been introduced:
1) Fixed loot on holding bases (something removed, something added).
2) Removed all endless recipes. Added limited recipes for pharmalocs.
3) Revised the amount of loot, everywhere. Rare loot has become much less likely to fall.
4) On private farm locations (BH, JMA), the dependence of the number of items on the number of players who took the location has been removed. Now you can safely take these farms for one, and not drag a bunch of cartoons with you to take on a task.
5) Returned the multiplier of the experience gained (to make it easier for new players).6) The margin of safety of many things has been reduced, and wear has been increased. 300% weapon skill is now highly desirable. Well, it was already once on the TLA MK2.
7) All top melee weapons can now only be crafted.
8) Radio quests have been fixed and now work.
9) Added the ability to buy a cleaning robot to the base, for play money (Purchase through the base terminal. You need to be the owner of the base. Only full-fledged bases are suitable).
10) Added new cars.
11) More boxes have been added to personal bases.
12) Repeater staves have become larger and more diverse. .
13) Added random red encounters. Alerts with the coordinates of the encounters are transmitted by radio. There is only one container on the location, which can be opened after killing all the mobs.
14) Made a purchase of carrying capacity for coins (for crafters), from a doctor in NCR.
15) Slightly upped the gauss pistol, turboplasma and pulse gun. But now they will be a little less likely to come across.
16) Added several new locations of varying difficulty for farming loot and recipes (blueprints). There will be a separate post about the types of farm locations.
17) Added the ability to buy +100 lockpicking skill (in New Reno from T-Ray).
18) Added the ability to turn into a Mutant. Mutants can run and wear Mutan armor. The cost of turning into a mutant is 2.5 million.
19) On the faction quest, I replaced the highwick with a scout, and on the quest in Novato, now, instead of nkf or tesla, there will be a volcano or a small hyper.
20) Phoenix now opens on Saturdays.
21) Books for Enlightened in NCR can now be taken from level 1. And Dr. Klauss no longer gives experience for operations.22) Added NPC for buying and selling recipes for alternative currency (cigars).
24)Added button combinations to highlight loot and crates.
25) Hiding walls is now in the client itself, activated by the F11 button.
26) Combination for lifting all things from the ground.
27) Awareness perk can now be obtained from a quest.

And that is not all...


1) Unpack the archive.
2) Update the game via Updater.exe
3) Run the game through the file FOnline.exe or FOnlineD3d.exe.
Game settings can be changed in the ConfiguratorMk2.exe file

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The new session will start on April 28, 2023!

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Glad to see this brought back from the dead as it was my favorite version after 2238 went away. Is there a version of the calc in english somewhere? No way to recall 2238 changes let alone what tlamk2 altered.