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Possible to update Maps without Wipe?


Hello guys, is it somehow possible to update maps (fomap files) on a live server without a wipe (deleting world saves)?

Would be really nice if someone could give some pointers.

If this is not possible, could you please give some info on what else can not be updated without wiping the server?

I got an answer to this question from the aftertimes developer. Here I post the answer for everyone who is interested to know:


This is possible! Just upload the new fomap, restart the server, get admin access, go to this map and use the "~regenmap" command. If after regeneration npcs will not respond to any interaction then kill them all and regen this map again:

1. Get admin look to see all crits on the map with "~run cheats adminlook 0 0 0" (and move your character by one hex to refresh fov.)

2. Kill all NPC on map with "`killmobs"

3. Then use "~regenmap"


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