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Editing the caps required to reroll.


Hi there, hopefully someone who's more experienced than me knows where to look for this. I'm trying to change the amount of caps it takes to reroll, and I see that there are command defines under _defines.fos, which are accepted or rejected via the main.fos file? The problem is, player_allowcommand doesn't seem to actually handle the command, it simply spits out a message. Where are the commands actually being handled at? Specifically, where can I change the amount of caps required to reroll at? I'm working with the Reloaded S2 code.

Thanks in advance for any help. :)

Hello. I'm not so more experienced, but I'm gonna say that searching by keywords will help you in any situation (for instance in notepad++ searching in all folders right away), cause there is really confusing logic in these fo mods.

Oh yeah, that's helped a lot for sure so far. ;D

In the meantime I'll keep searching, if I find anything I'll update it here in case anyone needs this while searching the forum.

Alright, I found it. It's in main.fos under critter_finish. I'm not sure why I never searched for the PID_BOOK_OF_ACHIEVEMENT lol, hopefully this helps someone at least


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