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FOnline Mess.. Open Beta Starts 1.3.2022
« on: February 23, 2022, 06:52:06 pm »

After some tweaks of the old Aftertime S2 files.
I want to start a new server.
We will die soon but we have to try it.

More info on our Discord:


Gatling Laser
     - Is now marked as t4
     - 45 ammo capacity (15 per burst)
     - 80 - 120 DMG (8 ap Cost)
G11E now has 63 ammo capacity
M60 Shoots for 6 ap
both Laser Rifle have +10 DMG (60 - 70 now).
HK P90c now shoot only 12 bullets per burst.
XL70E3 now has 20 - 40 damage per hit instead 25-35.
Every item now have better bonuses.

General Stuff:
Rightmove=1: Right mouse to move, now implemented. (in FOnlineAT.cfg)
ENC, BOS, and VC patrol are now stronger.
Using Science no longer works on Broken items.
Tools will lower your  FA/DOC cd by 33%.
Implanting won't cost combat armor.
Now you can see your current Motion Sensor Status on Top Right.
NPCs now have more hitpoints than before.
HP formula changed  HP = 50 + EN * 14 + Level. Bonus from Level is limited to 100

And even more...

Feel free to join our discord server.
Thanks for reading,
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