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FOnline2 Programs - Higlighter & Interface Editor


Yo, I'm bringing you two of my utility software for FOnline(s).
Despite they are designed primarily for FOnline2 S3 they can be tuned to work with any FOnline(s).

I will start with Highlighter. It's more versatile and customizable with recent feature for making custom colors with item group alongside with predefined item groups.
It's mod creator. And modification is to create outlines/fill interiors/put labels for any .png, .fofrm or .frm file. Go manually directory per directory or go set recurse and let the app do work for you. Comes with Dictionary.txt & fo2_higlighter.ini, for your item groups & for your settings. So forget about Photoshop/GIMP heavy tasks.


Youtube guide video:

The other app is unofficial Interface Editor. Lesser versatile but more adaptive, per se. Made primarily for FOnline2 interface editing. Not an image editor. Images cannot be resized or modified in this program, that's job of external programs like Photoshop/GIMP/Paint.NET. Can be adapted for FOnline-Reloaded if default.ini is renamed to faction.ini (Global Map issues come from updated source code of FOnline Classic Engine). It is player's (in this terms, it's the app user) job to extract file(s) from Dat archives, zip archives and prepare them. Then it's their job to test the interface in the game to make sure it feels okey.
Apps job is to help user with hard interface ini understanding and to link images (.FRM, .FOFRM & PNG(S)) into single module which player builds. Each section is built as module and rendered in OpenGL. Player can modify values for feature key/value pairs or move components around. Comes with the fo2_intrfaceditor.ini where settings are stored. So build your interfaces now!

Note* There's m208 Interface Editor written on .NET/C# platform. Don't forget to try that one out too.


Youtube guide video:

Thanks for using my apps.
Share your thoughts and (or) critiques.
I am open-minded person.



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