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FOnline: The Long Journey
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FOnline: The Long Journey

FOnline: The Long Journey is a Fallout 1/2 based MMOPRG, set in Fallout atmosphere, following original parts canon and idea. The game focuses on roleplay and survival, replicating the absolute toughness of the Wasteland and the world around being filled with anarchy. Forget about being a "Chosen One" or some kind of a superhuman being able to change the whole world around. Here you are nothing and nobody. Your character is fragile, your aim is to survive, your dream is to find your place in this world. The world around you is tough and unforgiving. But your biggest enemy might be not even mutated fauna or the desert, but the people around you.

The game features most of the Fallout 1/2 gameplay mechanics adjusted and improved. Many new skills, abilities, and variations for proper roleplay and gameplay.

-Hunger and Thirst mechanics

-Logging, mining, scavenging

-Properly made hunting and skinning

-Cooking, crafting, and even building

-New fishing and lockpicking mechanics

-Adjusted combat system set in real-time

-New animations, skins, characters, locations, and many-many more content...

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