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WTB Fonline2238 SDK (2011 version) - SOLVED


Must be version from 2011, before all the fun-crippling cancer was added.

Willing to barter as well.

I can send bottles of homemade slivovitz or some other kind of nice rakija or ex-yugo food specialties (like orehnjańća) via postal services. However, I am a poor southern Slav, so don't expect fuckin' gift baskets.

Also willing to murder people (as long as the target is in Croatia (since I can't travel anywhere because I didn't take the eugenics shot).

This is most urgent, because I'd very much like to revisit that old version of 2238 before some hormonally-imbalanced Vegas GAE tranny (Global American Empire) drones my house for refusing to faggerize until 2030.

Thank you and God bless!

P.S. Happy September 11th

UPDATE: the quest for the holiest of holies has ended thanks to good people of! (Specifically, @Luther Blissett)

Luther Blissett:
If it's the same file you PM'd me about (the, I've updated the link from this post:,26833.msg231673.html#msg231673

It's now reuploaded here:
Google Drive Upload 12/09/2021

I thought it worth posting in case anyone else is looking for it. I think the Google Drive link should stay up for a long time.

Hope everyone is well!

Ye, I wrote this post before I managed to find the one that you had sent me.

Forgot to update the thread so people know it's been resolved.

Thank you for the reminder.



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