Author Topic: Guide on how to recolor assets for fonline and fallout 1 and 2  (Read 6144 times)

Guide on how to recolor assets for fonline and fallout 1 and 2
« on: September 08, 2021, 02:30:54 am »
Alright so here we go lol I do not usually post on here. First the tools

Xnconvert is a batch image changer you use this to recolor the assets

Second you need this

Its the tools to unpack the frm files

 Step one unpack the files using frame animator

make sure to choose the   automate choice inside of the file tab.
choose you source frm files which would be all the files you want to unpack.
ignore everything else except destination choose a place to unpack your  frm files. 

After that just choose fpr project and unpack the files. It will take awhile depending  on your rig.

once the files are unpacked start up xnconvert load all the images into it.

make a script in the actions tab
basically you set it up to do changes to one image it will then do it to all images. Since fallout assets only use so many colors its ez to re color stuff.

The next step is too choose and output folder.

inside the output tab choose your save location and also make sure the files are the same as original and so the name and format have to be the same.

I usually overwrite the original files since it is easier to re import afterwards.

After that you do the automate stuff in frame animator and choose your unpacked fpr files which are linked to your changed images. and choose to turn them back into frms the same way you unpacked them. Sorry if any of this is hard to understand but hopefully it causes some bros to make custom assets.

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