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Private Server - Real Time Combat Timeout when Leaving Map - SOLVED


I've set up a local 2238 for coop style play with friends.  I've used this forum and reloaded's forum to make the following changes:
-players no longer drop their items, if we die we just respawn, heal, and carry on
-respawn time reduced to 15 sec, it's just us playing so respawn, heal, and carry on
-new character starting map has a 10mm pistol and 20 rounds for a slightly faster start

Now I'm trying to figure out how to reduce or remove the TO_BATTLE timer that keeps you from leaving an encounter if you've attacked or been attacked in the last 10 sec.
I want to be able to run away from encounters in which we are outmatched instead of being stuck watching you're level 5 nobody get murderlated on the exit grid by Mobsters or whatever.  This way it will be like playing the older games but in RT, especially once I make some NPCs that will give stuff like vehicles and higher level items for quests rather than the traditional mine, craft, and sell MMO style play of Reloaded and FO3.  Not that I'm knocking that, we just want a different style of play. 

I found IS_TURN_BASED_TIMEOUT in _defines.fos, but that seems to be completely about TB.  We exclusively play RT.
I've been looking in combat.fos, main.fos, and client_combat.fos.  I cannot figure out where the actual setting for the TO_BATTLE is. 


Problem solved:
comment out lines
in combat.fos

Now the combat timer doesn't set at all.  We can just run away and carry on. 


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