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Absolute newbie's topic
« on: April 10, 2021, 01:48:43 am »
Good day to everyone.

I recently downloaded tools and server for FOlnline Reloaded s2 and plan to make a new project based on it.

Here is the list of my questions.

1. Is there any newer versions of tools and server? How different are they? Ways to update?
2. What else do I need besides what I've already downloaded?
3. How to create new critters/walls/floor/roof/items/environment/ and put them in right directory so I could use them in mapper?
4. Where to get D3D HD launcher? I don't seem to find any.
5. How badly large maps can hit server performance? Which maps we consider as large?
6. Do I need to delete all scripts and other not used stuff?
7. How radically can I change the fallout? It is all depends on my programming skill?

This is probably not the first topic with such questions, but I sincerely ask you to answer them. Thank you very much.



Re: Absolute newbie's topic
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2021, 12:50:02 pm »

1 and 2 : No news tools i think.... I use a very simple tool, Notepad ++, it's perfect for no Dev person x)

3 : Test the mod tools on Fallout 2 game, I think it's similar. But hard way ^^

4 : I don't know, so high level for me x)

5 : No the engine is very simple, your PC can run a big map i think

6 : Don't delete, because the engine need the old stuff (or mod the engine but very difficult way?)

7 : Completely! The graphic engine is very particular, to mod the Fallout 2 colors'system for example it's difficult. The Dev who made new item or graphic elements are very good!