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is here any way to send message to server or use command without being in game? I really need something like event or warning messages from my manager program (like autosave, restart, update etc.).

I am actually working on external project that compress save files, restart server in defined intervals, cleanup etc...

Image here:

But I don't know exactly what commands and how I may use. If here is way to integrate login and manage server from defined account, then how to do?

Thanks for reply.

Step 1.
Open your FOnlineServer.cfg file and...

--- Code: ---AdminPanelPort=0
--- End code ---
Value must be greater than 0 and it will be your communication port.

Step 2.
Try connect to server via Telnet, Putty, etc.

Step 3.
Use your admin login and password.

Available commands:
exit - for disconnect
kill - it's killing the whole process
log filenameof.log - saves current log to filenameof.log
start - start the server run
stop - stop the server
state - current state of server: starting/started/stopping/stopped/unknown
...and of course use the ~ to run your void functions or give to your server typical command.

Thank you, remake. Helpful as always.
Putty works in "RAW" mode only, so I try integrate this features to my own program (and set ~reload commands as buttons).
This feature can be very helpful when I need to test new changes in dialogs etc.

Here is small fragment of my code (pic) for status:

BTW isn't that code of r412 on github outdated? I really need help with another task. And it't economy issues...

If you want help me with some stuff, join me here:


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