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We collect FOClassic using a virtual machine WIN7x86


All good friends.
This is a completely new person.
If someone wants to build but it doesn't work out, today I will explain how to build a foclassic.

And also something that I myself do not know English well from Russia (as I can and I degenerate)

Let's start small.
You will need to install it yourself Windows exactly on a virtual machine!
Why are you probably wondering (this is for little people who are just starting to learn development)

There will be a list of packages that you need to install:

- Virtual Machine
  VMware Workstation Pro it is paid unfortunately, but you can download a free VirtualBox
- Disk or image from the net (Windows 7 Pro N) or just without letters N
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (version 4.0.30319.1)
- PortableGit (version 2.28.0-32)
- CMake (version 3.14.2)
- Visual Studio 2010 Professional (version 10.0.30319.1)
- Visual Studio 2010 SP1 C++ Compiler (version 10.0.40219.303)
- Notepad++

First step:
We create a virtual machine, name it whatever you like and install (Windows 7 Pro N)
After that, we make a snapshot of the system so that if something goes wrong, you can roll back the
system to a readable basis.

Second stage:
Download all packages from city and install them on a virtual machine in the system (Windows 7 Pro N)

Stage three:
Register environment variables in the system (PATH (git, cmake and vs 2010))

Stage four:
It is necessary to create a folder where all actions will take place at the computer. and server builds
For example, this will be the way (C:\Users\WIN7\Downloads)

CMD Command Prompt:
Launching Command Prompt go to the specified path

--- Code: ---cd C:\Users\WIN7\Downloads
mkdir SDK.VS2010
--- End code ---
create a folder, for example, I will name it (SDK.VS2010)

Now we need to clone the repository (to the specified folder that you created)

--- Code: ---git clone --recursive SDK.VS2010
--- End code ---

After we go to the folder (SDK.VS2010)

--- Code: ---cd SDK.VS2010
--- End code ---

If we run the batch file right now through CMD then we get an error

--- Code: ---Build.cmd
--- End code ---

She will be like this

--- Code: ---CMake Error at CmakeLists.txt:5 (project):
        Visual Studio 15 2017
    cloud not find any instance of Visual Studio.

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
--- End code ---

Let's get around this error
Run Notepad++ and open the file with the extension along this path (C:\Users\WIN7\Downloads\SDK.VS2010\Build.cmake)

We need to find these lines and read them

--- Code: ---elseif( WIN32 )
set( BUILD_FILE      "FOC.sln" )
set( BUILD_GENERATOR "Visual Studio 10 2010" )
set( BUILD_GENERATOR "Visual Studio 15 2017" )
set( BUILD_TOOL      "v100" )
--- End code ---

Editing what will be appropriate for us

--- Code: ---elseif( WIN32 )
set( BUILD_FILE      "FOC.sln" )
set( BUILD_GENERATOR "Visual Studio 10 2010" )
set( BUILD_GENERATOR "Visual Studio 10 2010" )
--- End code ---

I will not invent some kind of bicycles there simply by the rules and that's all
After changing, save the file (Build.cmake)

Again we will try again to demolish everything in a heap
In the open CMD Command Prompt run the corrected batch file

--- Code: ---Build.cmd
--- End code ---

Now everything is as we need it. The process started. Waiting for the end.
Got an exhaust will (you did it)
Now just click on the file in the (C:\Users\WIN7\Downloads\SDK.VS2010 (Pack.cmd)) folder and
everything will fly into the archive *.zip (

That's all.
Moving the archive packed with the extension *.zip ( on the main iron and do whatever your heart desires with it.

If you need a video document, write at the bottom and I'll attach it here.


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