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FOnline client configurator .NET C# project



Third-party and open source configurator for FOnline.
Originally, it was created for the server "TLA mk2". At the moment it is completely rewritten for common FOnline. Can be a good base for your modifications. Or for work with any configuration file.

Unlike the original, this one has an external localization, and can support any number of languages. The approach to localization is identical to working with a configuration file (see Release/Localization.cfg). For adding your own language, just copy-paste any section and modificate. For example, polsk. (sory for my google translate):

--- Code: ---[pols]
checkBoxLoggingTime = Rejestrowanie ze znacznikiem czasu.
checkBoxLogging = Logowanie do 'Fonline.log'.
--- End code ---

Project structure
FOConfigForm - windows form implementation. Configurator.dll - common library for work with .cfg files. FonlineConfigurator.dll - narrowly focused library for working FOnline. /Release/ folder - already compiled project with *.cfg examples.

You can also add your own configuration sections and use them. For example:

--- Code: ---[MyOwnSection]
customValue1 = 1
customValue2 = True
The configurator is resistant to incorrect data. In case of incorrect values, it simply uses the default value.
--- End code ---

Hi. I couldn't leave such terrible code on github... so I had to rewrite it. Now this is a normal (at the moment) configurator. Description updated.


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