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Registration enabled again

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Let's hope we can defeat the bots this time.

Yeah, our old faction forum had to shut down thanks to those. Porn spam bots and tons of other ad bots just flooded everything. I'm assuming you all have better bot detection now?

Damn. I understand why you did that though, it really sucks the motivation from you having to deal with these bots.

What seem to have worked is I changed the security questions since the old had been recorded for the bot registration script. We'll see for how long that lasts. Also created a small custom tool/UI to make mass detection and deletion take 5-10 seconds instead of minutes.

Security questions work for several months usually, then you need to change them or/and add new. And of course monitor new registrations because if you don't act quickly then you gotta delete hundreds of spam accounts and posts...

Why not add some more questions, so we can last longer


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