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Nothing super fancy, just two critter repaints.
Death animations are a bit sloppy. Maybe someone feels motivated to fix them up a bit.


Has all red shirt animations except for the rifle. Some of the more complicated death animations look a bit sloppy too... making out red blood on red shirts is really not that easy. Also truth told, I just wanted to get done with it. Not sure if I will go back and fix it... but maybe someone else feels the motivation.


-> Preview.
-> Download.


Kinda mediocre, but oh well. What's done is done.

-> Preview.
-> Download.

Well done. For Critters they should do, don't think anyone would want to play those models.

Can you share your method/tools used. Someone was asking about that earlier on discord, maybe it would help them.

Only photoshop and lots of patience.

I've recorded two macros / actions:

1. Duplicate layer, apply color changes to the second layer, duplicate first layer again and move it on top.
2. Convert image to Fallout color palette, save the image, close the image.

So I'll just load all frames of one animation set at the same time, go into the first image, run the first macro, and then use the eraser tool to remove the pixels I don't want (for the critters above it was the shirt / body). Once done, I run the second macro and done, next image pops up automatically.

It's fast, but you still have to work carefully or you will get sloppy frames like the ones above have at times.
In any case, the first critter took me about 8 hours and the second something around 5 hours of crunch.

Normally you would have to do a second pass on the animations, to fix shitty frames, etc.... I skipped that.

Improved Death Animations - Animation Fix

This mod increases the size of the "flame boy" and "electrocuted" death animation for super mutant (120%) and power armor (larger than normal, but smaller than mutant-size) critters to match their normal scale.

Originally made by @.Pixote. (Super Mutant death animations) and @Sduibek (Power Armor death animations, I think). The animations have been polished up some more and are now cleaner and less pixelated.

Animation files
Files on GitHub

"Yellow Pants" Metal Armor Woman - Pistol and SMG animations
The vanilla critter only has knife and spear animations. To fix a bug in Fallout et tu, instead of editing the scripts, I decided to instead create the missing animation files. @.Pixote. helped me with wrapping it up.

The animations aren't perfect and could use some polishing, but for generic NPC critters it's not bad.

Animation files

Both projects are included in the new Fallout et tu release.

Tycho/Cassidy/Metzger Club, Hammer, Knife-animations
Based on the bald head dude from the hero appearance mod. Was surprisingly simple. Took me only.. maybe 4 hours or so per animation set. Getting rid of the cloth around the leg was a bit of an ehh-job, but for NPCs the results are ok.


Also I found out that the critter doesn't have a throwing animation, so I did that as well. Not going to do the big gun animations, though. Pretty sure I wouldn't survive that task.

Animation files


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