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FOnline: Requiem
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Hi folks!
From time to time we receive feedback from foreign players which come to check out our server, and among other things they notice that there no offcial info about Requiem on FODev and other foreign websites.
So today we want to bridge this gap - let's go!

First of all, a small retrospective intro.
It is been almost 9 years since the server was launched in 2010. The initial idea was to recreate and improve the 4th OBT session of the original TLA, which is wildly praised by the ru-community as the most successful and memorable session — hence, a Requiem for the 4th OBT.
Indeed at first there were not many changes compared to the original TLA but then, due to a range of factors the server became pretty popular within the ru-community and started to develop rapidly and still does today.

Since it's not an ad, we want to be honest and to save your time we have prepared a list of pros and cons of server's current state. You should check it out if someday you ever intend to play on Requiem, and we'd be happy if you gave us any feedback on your experiences on the server ;)

  • - an impressive amount of quests, short and long, aprox. ~ 550 including 4 main story quests with almost 70 steps to complete.
Strictly speaking quests here are everywhere and some players only do all this quest stuff :)
  • - a solid number of different events/"dungeons" both for solo and groups of players, closed and open (with possible PvP or with PvE only), aprox. ~ 50 and some of them are really challenging. 
Rumor has it that for one of those events several endings are yet to be discovered, and it's been many years since it has been introduced.
  • - quite a comfortable, "neat" and friendly starting location, to such an extent that you can even hang yourself there. No kidding!
  • - wide options to create your character with more than 115 perks and traits, some of which are really unique.
Moreover there are plenty of other little perks with small bonuses after soft cap (lvl 28), (but not a One ring :D) to develop your character even further.
  • - a vast number of different scale gameplay mechanics and features, from a diverse craft system to farming.
  • - several new weapons with unique mechanics such as the mortar, robotic armor, combined armor and some tactical things like different grenades types and "fox holes" for cover
  • - a totally new character class - combat engineer with its own features like turrets and robots.
Some UI solutions for this class could be better, but let's call it a feature: you can show off your microcontrol skill, he-he:)
  • - Roleplay. While Requiem is not an RP server, you do have everything you need to roleplay, including different skins.
Wanna be a wandering doctor? Sure, go ahead. Wanna roleplay a black miner straight outta Redding? Why not. Anyone can get a temporary skin with no requirements, and admins can issue a permanent skin should you write an interesting background and stick to it. Beware, some players are quite fond of dirty roleplay.
  • - survival mode. If you feel like the wasteland isn't quite hardcore enough, go ahead and turn on the survival mode, where you can spend your life in a permanent hunt for water, food and other supplies.
  • - GM-run events. Every now and then gamemasters organize various events. The last one featured a group of dwarfs that managed to escape the grim laboratories of the hubbologists in an attempt to get a new life.
  • - farming, I mean farming with those plants, animals and other stuff - there is even a corn!
  • - stats. Requiem's website features game statistics, including best players, factions, popularity of different perks and traits. Don't worry, you can't kill your own alt-accounts and get that sweet first spot in the ranking. - really cool thing -

  • - translation - traslation is really an issue. It exists, yes and some parts are translated well but in general there is much work that needs to be done.
As was said initially project targeted the ru segment and due to limited resources and constant changes it is hard to maintain an up-to-date translation.
  • - information about game mechanics - even ru-based resources do not cover all aspects and en-based resources cover even less.
So any help on this matter would be really appreciated.
  • - server version - it is based on rev.371 with some (read: a lot of) tweaks. The SDK has been updated a lot since then, with many wonderful features added with every rev., but given the sheer amount of code it's very difficult to upgrade to the new version since it would mean re-writing much of the server from scratch.
  • - network issues - unfortunately it is problematic to find a server with good network stability for a reasonable price.
As a result sometimes players face short-term lags, especially during the so-called wipe battles at the end of the session. We are continuously looking for a solution.

Not a plus or a minus, you decide.
  • - The combat system is closer to the original. While it's in real time (with the exception of random encounters when you can chose to fight in turns), you can't run while in combat, only walk, which adds a strategic layer to the game.
  • - Unlimited vision. You can see what's behind a door or an angle, since the camera is located above, so what you see is only limited in terms of the distance based on your perception.


very dirty RP  ;D

Before you start the game on our server, prepare for the fact that your corpse will be often defecated on, set yourself up for interaction with retards, and also "learn русский, с**а!" (с)
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