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Hi all. Since the development of TLA mk2 has been on halt for quite a while, developers have decided to release the source code:

The game was good, tons of new features were added. Maybe it will help somebody with the development of their games.

Be aware that all unfixed bugs were left as they were, proceed with using the code at your own risk.

Could you add a client as well?


First, thank you for the contribution.

Second, for those who are using a different version of FOnline, I made a foclassic-map-converter, that will convert these maps to a specific version, automatically generating item and critter proto mapping.
In the case of FOClassic or FOnline 2238/Reloaded compatible users, I made a repo with converted maps added, and also for my convenience and others, a folder with pictures about the map. There are 400 maps there and it's just easier to browse in an image viewer.
Converter: will add to tools section on this website Soon TM (,30579.0.html )
Images to browse maps:

I only tested in mapper tbh, so some surprises may arise... gl, hf :)


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