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I have an idea to create a wiki with articles for (upcoming) developers. We can put there not only the references for functions or classes with their methods like it is in docs but also the descriptions for tools, files and their formats, explanations of the code, tutorials and "howto" articles, about tools which can help to run own FOnline game.

It can be a place to gather and share with own experience, solutions or even learning from the basics (or "zero") to dev.

I have many technical information to share or describe but I don't want to work with this idea alone.

My question is: Who wants to join?

I sure know what people don't want...

A wiki that gonna vanish after sometime...

I believe that wiki tech isn't really suitable for documenting devel...

Instead I've an idea which I think is more user friendly for every people developing...

Why not documenting stuff through a man-page like software...

Would be easier and safer for every parties to work that way.

Yeah, Man-page is a tool of gods. It can pipe text easily and let you deep search it seems like a good idea but questions are who will spend his free time in making such a mad idea come true and keep it alive? I highly doubt that more than maybe few people would be intrested in usage of such manual not to mention nobody even wants to work with FOnline as of lately when you've got absolutely limitless possibilties outside of belarussian madness.

I can tell people what brought me on the right way with the original FOnline SDK (MANY YEARS AGO).

I was and I still very desirous to succeed with it...

So it made me look very deep to gather all resources that I could to be successful... documentation was one of these...

While discovering vault112 from wladimiiir I've found a chm file into the project, by using some chm tools I've been able to convert to html...(I wasn't able to use doxygen tool at this moment...)

Since, I've found a way to make doxygen to work...
It is very useful and easy to use(when it works...).
To add/delete things just edit files
--- Code: ---./src/{reference,manual}/*
--- End code ---
and then fire up BuildEn.cmd
Appreciate console output.
Now go to
--- Code: ---./output/en/html
--- End code ---
... enjoy

Here full build environment:

You also need to take in consideration angelscript's documentation for syntactic sugars and features...

You also need a good introduction to C programming and object pattern understanding.

note that without prog skill documentation is useless...

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