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Here you have official release of FOnline: Aftertimes.
Server's side with tools which were used to create it (except Notepad++ and MSVS C++ 2010):

Client's side, where Mapper is included: (without fallout.dat) (with fallout.dat)

This release contains latest dev version, stable, without oil rig and latest KompreSor's update with Tower Defense.
KompreSor's work is included to backup directory.

Known issues for now:
After first run citizens of this city are starting to fight. IDK why (yet).
Known solution:
Admin commands:

--- Code: ---`tp adytum
--- End code ---
Or even

--- Code: ---~regenmap
--- End code ---

Using (licence or call it what you want to call):
Do what you want to do with it. I don't care. This is my point zero to start working with S3.
There you have Fallout of Nevada content so remember that you must write credits for Nevada Band.

And of course remember. This is child project of FOnline: Reloaded S2, just upgraded to engine 412 and it's including few of my solutions.

Additional credits:
Most of maps:
- Tito
- KompreSor
- Tank

Did I forgot about someone?
Big thanks to FOnline: Reloaded team and Nevada Band for sharing their work

Post update:

Some time ago I've added GMTools. Similar to 2238/Reloaded there're txt files with proper command lines but in Aftertimes these must be placed in GMTools subdirectory. After getting the admin access you'll be able to switch between them by using the numeric key pad at your keyboard.

But I've prepared something else what should help you with running your own FOnline project, at least based on FOnline: 2238, Reloaded or Aftertimes. I'm talking about wiki.

This pack was tested at the newest WikiMedia stable release (for this day) 1.32.0. It contains:
- Images, which should be placed in images in your wiki subdirectory
- Database, which is ready to import via, f.ex. phpMyAdmin

Info about database:
Format: SQL
Charset: utf8_general_ci
Tables prefix: fat
Contains: Articles which have applies to FOnline: Aftertimes S2 SDK.

Info about account:
Login: TheAdministrator
Password: admin123
This must be changed after first run, but I think you know about it.
1. Go to phpMyAdmin.
2. Find TheAdministrator in fat_user (it will be id 1).
3. Change the value in user_name column.
4. Save the settings.
5. Log in with your new login.
6. Change password via Preferences wiki's form.

Every data about previous user accounts is erased from database. Previous contributors of wiki are staring as the authors of present articles only.

Additionally at the "About_the_wiki" page there's information:

--- Quote ---This wiki was created using resources copied from FOnline: Reloaded wiki:
Many thanks to people from FOnline: Reloaded team!

The database was extracted from FOnline: Aftertimes wiki:

Published by worldremaker
--- End quote ---

Known issues:

Images are not displaying (not found).
1. Go to includes/DefaultSetting.php
2. $wgHashedUploadDirectory = false;

If you still don't see the images at your wiki use purge cache by adding action=purge parameter to url of this page once, f.ex

--- Code: ---
--- End code ---

ImageMap is not displayed in The_World article.
1. Go to LocalSettings.php
2. Enable ImageMap extension by adding this line there:

--- Code: ---wfLoadExtension( 'ImageMap' );
--- End code ---

Any other settings you can do on your own, depends from your preferences. After this you can easily start editing your wiki.

Look also here:,30057.msg262637.html#msg262637

Thanks for sharing!

Is that beginning of fine tradition? Releasing source after season ends? :)

I sure don't mind it.


--- Quote from: Wipe on January 29, 2019, 01:49:51 pm ---Is that beginning of fine tradition? Releasing source after season ends? :)

--- End quote ---
I just wanted to show to others my ways how to make some events in game, my solutions, how to apply new locations from Fallout 2 mods, what extensions can make for whole game (because everyone seems to be scared) or upgrading the game revision at least by comparing it to FOnline: Reloaded S2. For me it's shouldn't be some top secret but the basics for every (incoming) FOnline's developer in different parts of work (proto creator, coder for mapper/client/server, mapper, etc).


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