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FOnline Parareal CZ
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We decide to annouce that small comunity of CZ FOnline players decide to run our own server and all countries are allowed to visit us.

For now there may be little barrier for non CZ players but most of texts are still in EN language so that mean EN can capture other city in EN language and we also working on making language switch EN/CZ

And also for now our server comming from reloaded S2 with new changes which been lose but we working on changes again, that mean TC in two players teams so even small groups can hold town.

Followers will be able to guard and attack players.

Lvl cap 36 and 12 perks instead of 24 and 8 ✓

So fell free to visit us and check our changes.

Our IP:
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Re: FOnline Parareal CZ
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So language is now changeable. So if you have fonline.cfg file edited for engl language game will be EN

For switch to CZ edit fonline.cfg text file line with language from engl to czen and delete cache.

EDIT: Language switch is disabled right now because we need to find way how to use both dialog packs
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