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 8) So i was Looking Around and not sure if it was something i did however i noticed and figured it could or might be something i might be able to ask. so scavenging with in the reloaded server engine i noticed is not available is there any way to activate that though scripts or would it have to be coded ?

I don't understand. What was your question again?

Scavenging was added later.

Are there people who are still playing?


--- Quote from: KWanchai70 on February 19, 2021, 10:21:16 am ---Are there people who are still playing?

--- End quote ---

yuppers, hundreds of people still play FOnline, but they're scattered across a few different servers. Come check out 2258 if you're missing traditional FOnline with RPG content and loot drop.
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Website: (WIP, we're still adding a wiki, guides, forum, full details, etc)


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