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Players and fonline future


Hi all, i play fonline since years. Yesterday i played fonline 2 and reloaded and asked myself...why we lost so many players ?
These server and dev work are incredible, but, what do these server need to bring back fallout addict ?
Ps: fonline aop was my favorite, is this still wip ?

AoP is still worked on, they just went underground and it's pretty hard to find any info about the progress [outside of their discord]

Byronic Hero:
I miss 2238 every day...
The reality as I saw what happened:
Everybody switched to Reloaded from 2238, which was good, but had its problems.  For example in 2238 the vendors only restocked caps every hour and only 10,000 caps each so caps were in high demand
In Reloaded they 'fixed' that and made it so caps were basically worthless, no matter how many you had, nobody wanted to trade for them.
The high quality ores/minerals timer in 2238 kept the economy in balance, in Reloaded everything became too abundant and so nobody had a real need to PvP.
With all that said, Reloaded was still very good, UNTIL season 3, when they gutted PvP.
This caused the game to die, as all the players who switched to Reloaded from 2238 simply quit because of the PvP change, myself included.  Also town control was never close to what it was in 2238.
No worthy successor has come since then, and even if one did come along, we don't have the hype we used to have of 'an online Fallout game'.
It would take some big youtubers to bring attention to it, but there is nothing good to bring attention to currently sadly :(


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