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Needing guidance on hosting a server from my pc
« on: October 15, 2018, 12:28:58 pm »
I did some digging around multiple necro-threads with various questions being asked and answered, but I'm still quite confused on where to begin with server making.
So far I only know of how to start and close the server from the .exe but that should be a given of course since it's just "start server", so I guess the first question would be; how and where do I go to set up the IP and ect in order to join/update my client folder for the errors to go away on the launcher? (teaching how to do LAN for now will do because I'd imagine it'd be somewhat similar to port forwarding)

If anyone doesn't mind, this will likely have to be step by step guide within this thread because I don't know where to even begin with questions due to my inexperience with hosting a server for this game.

Re: Needing guidance on hosting a server from my pc
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Have more details? If yes, thank you in advance.

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Router setup for machine in your LAN:

1. Find your dedicated PC on router.
2. Set static IP to DCHP (by MAC).
3. Set it up as your LAN's object.
4. Make protocols:

Name: FOnline Server //example name
TCP Any -> 4040 //updater's port
UDP Any -> 4040 //as above
TCP Any-> 2238 //game server's port
UDP Any-> 2238
TCP Any -> 80 //for vtdb (if you want to use it, by http server with php)

Name: Remote Desktop //if needed
TCP Any -> 3389
UDP Any -> 3389

Name: FTP //if needed
TCP Any -> 21

And idk, TS3: //just a curiosity for different port config
Name: TeamSpeak 3 Server
UDP Any -> 9987-9997 //port range here!
TCP Any -> 10011
TCP Any -> 30033

And maybe, Wake on LAN: //another curiosity, works with forwarding
Name: WoL //or Wake on LAN, or WoLAN, or whatever
UDP Any -> 9

5. Forwarding...
Sign those protocols to your LAN object!

6. Reboot your router device

Updater.exe, client side, v.1.6 - you can put it in main game's directory. Updater.exe takes address and language settings from FOnline.cfg, f.ex.:
Code: [Select]
[Game Options]

Default updater's port is 4040.

UpdateServer.exe, server side, v.1.9 - configure it in UpdateFiles.lst file, f.ex. if you want to update your client by missing game OST:
Code: [Select]

Then, put these files in correct directory tree, run UpdateServer.exe, set port and press "Start listen".
Files will be downloaded by Updater's Client when:
1. Client doesn't have these files.
2. Files on client side have different size (update is needed).

You can also use UpdaterServer 2.0, where you can configure the launcher game (own patch is needed), but it still works with old version of Updater on client side. Here you don't to make file with whole list of updates - server side can refresh it automatically. (includes my cfg as example)

MySQL database and VTDB pages:
I'm using WampServer 2.5 with small updates/reworks from my own. It works on olders desktop (like Win XP) and newers server systems from Microsoft. You can set up there VTDB pages and database for Backend extension. (not modified version) For HTTP services use XAMP.

I've described those tools bcs we're still talking about Reloaded SDK. ;)