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How to convert wav to acm audio files without getting the truncated error ?

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Notes :I saw the post of Lexx on NMA saying that the best thing that worked for him was the infinity sound converter. But when I tried to install it I noticed that it's not a converter by itself and that it is still using the snd2acm converter made by ABel in the TeamX. ( correct me if I am wrong)

7 years ago I used this software and I did not need to do anything, it just worked properly.

But now everytime I try to convert a wav file to acm I get this truncated error.

I lowered the sample rate by using audacity to fit into -32768 and 32767. I've put it to 22050 HZ as recommended and also exported the file in 16bits wav format and it's still not working.

I highly suspected the snd2acm converters programs to be corrupted, that's why I tried with different versions : 2000-2001 and 2001-2003.

I don't know how to solve this problem by myself...I need your help

I managed to not get any errors by playing with audacity and trying a lot of combinations, but my files are still slower than the original files

Lexx said he didn't know/remember. My advice is to ask here those guys are a lot more familiar with those old tools. Maybe you can search the forum and find some old info too.

First question here is:
Why you want to convert it. FOnline engine supports also wav and ogg sound file formats.

I managed to do it. For those who are interested, you need to increase the speed rate of your sound files by 2 using a software like audacity before you try to convert them to ACM since the problem was that my audio files were played two times slower; and ignore the warning concerning the truncated error since it's not doing anything.

I think the problem was related to the ACM player which is known to have an incredibly high reading speed of 705 kb/s.

I tried what you wrote remake but it's not working at all since I wanted to use my musics on servers created by other people !!
And I guess the names and type of files associated with the different game locations is server sided.
By converting the files like I am doing I can play servers like Requiem, Reloaded or FOnline 2 and put my own songs everywhere I want. I hope I answered your "first" question :D

Thanks Ghosthack and thanks remake.

I'm pretty sure the audio speed issue is from you saving the file with the wrong Hz frequency. I haven't done this stuff in years, and even then only needed it for two or three files, so I don't remember the correct sample rate and shit.


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